google assistant won t play music from my library

google assistant won t play music from my library

Oct 05,  · The NEXT update, they fixed google home so you could play specific songs from your library, and your own music. Did not affect phones. The most RECENT update, which affects all devices getting assistant, BREAKS the phone functionality. You should never have to make a playlist to play from your own library, with or without a subscription. Oct 29,  · The problem appears to stem from Google Assistant, not Play Music, as it never requests Play Music to play anything other than streaming content. Play Music, for its part does a good job and while it will queue what GA requests, will not download/stream anything new. Aug 02,  · Google fixes Play Music library issues in Google Assistant. The Google Assistant just got a whole lot better for those who use it for their own uploaded music. It’s very much a needed feature for those with the likes of a Google Home Max, where half of its purpose is multimedia. Note that if Google Play Music isn’t set as your default music player, Author: Adam Conway. These reports suggest that users were able to use Google Assistant to play music from their own library that was uploaded to Google Play Music, but a recent change now offers to play a streaming Author:

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It can set appointments, send texts, and even play music from a variety of services. Repeat this process for each music service app that you use. Some music service apps, like Google Play Music, require your Google Assistant and the music app to both be tied to the same Google account. If you need to switch which Google account is used by Google Assistant, tap the down arrow. This same basic problem can also cause problems with Google Home. Include the phrase "in my library" in your request when attempting to play music that's stored on your device.

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Email Address. Tap the link icon next to a music service like Spotify. Are you a developer? Verify that the Google app and your music service app have the necessary permissions. For this example, we're using Google Play Music.

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Google has finally fixed one of the biggest annoyances with the Google Assistant in recent months. Tap Switch. Here's how to link a new music streaming service account to Google Assistant:. The next step is to try linking a new music account to your Google Assistant. You can visit the official Google Assistant support forum for additional information and to report your problem. Repeat the previous steps for each additional music service you want to link.

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