how do i play a cd on my laptop

how do i play a cd on my laptop

how do I get my laptop to play dvd/cd's ‎ PM I sent my laptop in to HP and ever since I got it back it does not recognize it has a dvd/cd inserted. Feb 01,  · How do I get my Windows 10 laptop to automatically play dvd/cd when inserted? Now, absolutely nothing happens! Thanks. This document explains how to play discs automatically when inserting them into the CD or DVD drive, or to prevent them from playing automatically. It also describes how to adjust the AutoPlay settings for all types of removable media, including USB storage devices such as memory cards. When I insert a DVD to my HP laptop it doesn't play. How do I get my DVD to play on my laptop? - Nov 18,  · I tried to play a CD game and my computer states my game being a DVD. When I clicked on the game icon, it just played tunes. I looked on my laptop and it was CD compatible. How can I install a CD player on my Windows Vista laptop?Followers: 9. May 07,  · How do I play a cd movie on my asus laptop. Thread starter G_____ Start date Oct 12, ; Sidebar Sidebar. Forums. Laptops. 4, 0. Oct 12, #1 I want to know how to set up my asus laptop for a movie cd. 0 WVMountie07 Estimable. Sep 18, 16 0 4, 4. Oct 12, #2 Insert the disc into the CD drive and it will launch the. Play a DVD on a laptop using the built-in disc drive or an external USB-enabled disc drive. The laptop must have a default media player such as Windows Media Player or VLC installed in order to play a DVD. If your laptop has a built-in disc drive, locate this drive on the side of the laptop. Press the button on the front of the tray to open the. Aug 11,  · This short article will teach you how to play a Video CD (VCD) on your computer. If you do not know what a Video CD is, chances are that this guide will be useless to you. The target audience of this guide is the person who is only familiar with playing VCDs in a standalone VCD or DVD player, but not a computer. At the moment, I cannot use.

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Help with choosing a laptop for both gaming and watching movies Started by hac13 Apr 15, Replies: 2. Thank you. Select an individual channel if the VCD is dual-language. Select a location. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Adjusting Autoplay settings in Windows XP Use the following steps to automatically play discs when they are inserted into the drive:. Is this article up to date?

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Doing so opens the VLC setup window. It's the orange traffic cone icon in the pop-out window. Update iTunes if the CD automatically ejects. Figure : AutoPlay window for blank CDs. Malaysia - English.

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When a VCD is first inserted in Windows 10 lower right. I got these instructions from a search engine, "Step5Click on "Programs" and choose "CD player" from the Entertainment menu of Accessories. Click Next on each page. It should look just the one on your phone. What are some must have apps for a new laptop? Laptop for browsing internet and streaming movies Started by happysap Nov 13, Replies: 5.

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