how do you play hide and go seek

how do you play hide and go seek

Hide-and-seek, or hide-and-go-seek, is a popular children's game in which any number of players (ideally at least three) conceal themselves in a set environment, to be found by one or more seekers. The game is played by one player chosen (designated as being "it") closing their eyes and counting to a predetermined number while the other players versant.uss: 2+. Aug 02,  · Best Answer: hide and go get it is played when there's boys Vrs. girls and when the boys catch the girls the girls have to do whatever the boys want even sex. Usually when younger your not forced to have sex you just show them your bra. Its really fun to pay wit your lover because well u get chased and have "it"right there!Status: Open.

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So by the time the last person finds them, what they're really finding is a pile of smushed people. Hide-and-seek is enjoyed internationally due to its simple concept and unlimited recreational appeal. In Ohio, a hider must yell "free" when he touches base or he can still be tagged out. Not Helpful 3 Helpful To create this article, 71 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. If you have younger children, you can play this right inside the house. In the meantime, look out for future spots for the next game, or help players who have not been found; you could just relax and wait until the round is over.

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If the message is correct, the player chooses the next seeker. Make sure you're quiet as you're hiding or "It" can use his or her ears to tell the general direction you went. Retrieved 22 December Hide and Go Seek is a game where the players attempt to conceal their location while others try to look for and find them. Oh, and play in the dark!

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The person who is "It" needs to have their eyes closed, hands over their eyes, and preferably facing a corner. Younger players can fit more places, but they sometimes choose less-than-brilliant places to hide and don't have the longest of attention spans. Related Content. You only need to do it during the finishing ritual. Dog-shaped, fine.

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