how do you play ps vita games on ps3

how do you play ps vita games on ps3

Feb 08,  · Other than that, if you have songs or playlists that you transferred to your PS3, they are perfectly playable via Remote Play on your Vita. Cool Tip: . Mar 09,  · PlayStation Vita; Can you play ps vita games on the Ps3? User Info: solstriderx. solstriderx 7 years ago #1. I know you can do remote play for PS3 games on Vita and even play co-op games using both, butI was wondering if the reverse was Operating System: VITA. Sep 23,  · Can you play Vita games on CFW PS3? Like is there a homebrew emulator that would allow playing vita games on the ps3? Most games are both for PS Vita and PS3 if you download them, although there are some exclusives. Unfortunately, there is no emulator for the PS3 that plays PS Vita games. But you can play Any Ps3 game on a vita with cfw. Oct 08,  · The download queue specifically says "Castlestorm for PS Vita" but underneath is says "Playable on: PS3 PS Vita". When I try to start the game on my PS3, I think the message indicates I need to start Content Manager on the PS Vita and connect it to the PS3, but it does not appear to offer an option to play it on a PS3. I have a ps vita with 22 games and its an awesome little hand held. The ps3 cant play vita games but the vita can play some ps3 games with cross play / cross buy like I got limbo for the ps3 yesterday and it came with the vita version for free. Mar 14,  · Best Answer: Not your ps3 discs,but you can dl some ps3 psn games and they play and look great on the vita's oled screen.I have mlb12 show on both ps3 & vita and there is a few great advantages to having both,remote play and stat trackers etc,firmware updates will bring alot more functionality to Status: Open. Sep 03,  · Playing the PS3 from the Vita would be remote play, and on the PS3 there just aren't that many compatible titles. The only other option I can think of is using the Vita as a second screen and that too is hampered by compatibility. The only games o. Star Wars®: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith™ (PS2 Classic) PS2™ Classic. PS3.

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True, these were not touch screen devices, but that's besides the point atm. Any run n' gun games for the Vita? User Info: Stevo Stevo 5 years ago 1 When I go to the playstation store I noticed there are playstation vita games avaliable for download as well. With the release of the PS Vita not too long ago, Sony really ramped up the power and capabilities of its portable gaming machine, which was preceded by its much-beloved PSP some years ago. My understanding is no, especially because the system has no "video out" port. If you all you want to do is play finger swiping games, stick with your tablet.

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To start playing any of these via remote play, simply insert the disc in your PS3 unless you own the digital versions and start the game from your PS Vita. More questions. I just want to play the new Hots Shots golf game but I don't really want to spend the money on a vita when I have an Android Tablet. Report Abuse. You can't spell "ignorant" without "IGN. Source s : Ja has dads vita and ps3.

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Would they work on my ps3? Use your keyboard! Naturally, Blu-ray movies and any other kind of protected content is not supported by Remote Play. I am not even a fan of RPGs, so Well, for one, there'd be a much bigger install base which might encourage developers to devote resources to Vita games, which could help sell the system. My understanding is no, especially because the system has no "video out" port. Sign up for free! Can a small chipped corner in a CPU die damage it?

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