how many hours did i play lol

how many hours did i play lol

May 02,  · ‘Wasted on LoL’ currently state that the average player has spent exactly 1 hour playing League of Legends, which doesn’t seem very high at all. These results where presumably received from the whopping million players who have taken the Phillip. it has been reset or something. it says i have total hours, might be for this season rank just and not in total. Not even enough for this season rank games lol. Sad you can't check it anymore. I guess you have to ask Riot, if they are able to do it. If you're been burning daylight playing League of Legends, you can finally get an answer. Lots of people play LoL, with million jumping on daily during peak play hours. That's a lot of man Author: Evan Narcisse. Wasted On LoL - How much time I wasted on League of Legends? Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on LoL? An average player has spent hours on League of Legends and players took the test. Mar 02,  · Realistically, it should be much more than triple that. If you averaged 6 hours a day for the last 3 years (not sure when you started or how much you practice, so I'm estimating) that would be hours. Apr 20,  · I've spent about hours on League of Legends which means 22 days of my life. I always thought that I've played much more, but oh well. Apr 17,  · HONESTLY about hrs a day lol but thats because i just quit my job and in 3 weeks going to basic training for the navy.. SO.. GG lol. League of Legends was generally well received upon its release in , and has since grown in popularity, with an active and expansive fanbase. By July , League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe in terms of the number of hours played.

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See what we did there? Not elapsed time. The Shadow Isles is an island chain that was magically corrupted, and has become haunted by a malign force known as the "Black Mist" which leeches life and empowers the undead. The most salient difference is the type of damage a champion deals; some champions deal largely physical damage, which is resisted by the armor stat, and other champions deal largely magic damage, which is resisted by the magic resistance stat. Are you looking for a game that is easy to play yet offers a challenging objective? Thankfully, yes there is! In order to set this up, just pick the co-op vs.

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Stack Are you looking for a highly entertaining game that will test your wits? Magic Tiles 3 The addictive key-based music game returns and this time, there are more songs than ever before! With Ludo 3d Multiplayer for desktop, you will have an immeasurable amount of fun time during your downtime. Retrieved December 3, Everything you love about the unblocked Fruit Ninja is here in the PC version.

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Retrieved January 4, See trumpgolfcount. And to add more cheer to your private party, gather your pals for a lively […]. The best way to avoid encountering losses, though, is to play against bots. Just get the Sudoku download to […] Read More Read on to find out more about […]. According to stats from Reddit Metrics , the League of Legends subreddit has seen exceptional growth in the past few years.

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