how to delete order history on google play

how to delete order history on google play

Sep 23,  · For whatever reason, from time to time you're probably going to want to clear out your search and/or your apps history from the Google Play Richard Devine. Mar 14,  · go to:> My Account -> Scroll down to Order History, click the dots to the right of each item and click "Delete Forever" Edit: I should add that I . Apr 25,  · Delete Google Play App History from Computer. Just go to the My Apps section Google Play Store and log in. Then select your device and click the trashcan icon next to an app, and verify you want to uninstall it. That’s it, you can delete any app you want from your Google Play Store download history. Plus, you can delete your Google Play Store search history Hammad Saleem. Dec 24,  · I don't think you can Sorry. I don't believe google would create a way for people to delete their order history. That's like whiting out a transaction on your credit card statement because you don't want your girl to see you went to the strip club. Check you application purchases in Google Play Store - Open Play store from the trending application form the BlueStacks - Sign in google account if prompted, click on . Review order history. Go to your Google Play account. Scroll down to review your orders. Note: Order numbers aren't available on Google Play at this time. If you need your order number to request a refund, follow the instructions under "Using" below.

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We recommend you to download the latest version. Not that I want to support you hiding things from your spouse, but if you log onto google. This will open up the list of all the apps that are currently installed on your device. As the list refreshes after the user removes an app, navigation becomes difficult. Choose account and then select order history to check your application purchased from the account selected.

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I want to remove my history of purchase so I have no comments with my spouse. App developers can make additional content or services like additional turns in a game, different background themes, etc. How can I factory reset BlueStacks? Related 2. If you are referring to the Play Store history yes, you can remove the app, but I do not believe you are able to remove Google's records of purchase. When you make a purchase on Google Play, we'll send a confirmation email with your order information to the Google Account you use when making your purchase.

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By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Hot Network Questions. When you make a purchase on Google Play, we'll send a confirmation email with your order information to the Google Account you use when making your purchase. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Jackson Quesinberry. Until a few weeks back, there was no way one could delete apps from the My Apps list , but now on the latest build of Play Store, this can be done.

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