how to get a band to play in your city

how to get a band to play in your city

Jul 20,  · Music Want Your Favorite Band To Play Your Hometown? New Web Site Lets Them Know accumulates requests, contacts artists, books gigs — all based on what users want. Apr 12,  · How to Get Gigs for Your Band. Performing live at a venue is a great way to get your band exposure and build up your fan base, but first you have to land the gig. To better your chances of getting gigs for your band, you'll want to choose 90%(25). Thanks to Priceonomics and an anonymous source at the booking agency Degy Entertainment, we have a list of the asking prices of hundreds of musical acts, from the ones who are just slightly more successful than a bar band to the the elite few who ask a million dollars just to show up Find your favorites (or the ones you hate) and see if the price seems about what you’d expect. Jun 05,  · How to Get Your Band Famous. Playing in a band is a way to merge your musical talent with fellow players, and play your song to the world. The music industry relies heavily on bands, not just singers. However, simply dreaming about being 84%(). Websites like Craigslist are filled with ads from people looking for a band to join. Browse through the lists of musicians in your area who are interested in finding a band with whom to play, and place your ad seeking band members. Include the same information you would on .

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That way, input from strangers will be more honest and reliable. Trail mix and dried fruits like raisins or apples also work well and are nutritious. Try offering tickets at a reduced rate with the company retaining the full price difference. This is generally something that happens naturally as you practice, when people start throwing names around. Think of a style that makes you unique. Call local promoters and ask if you can stop by for a few minutes to drop off a sample of your music. Look at Journey, the only original player is their drummer and they are still one of the most popular bands still playing at concerts today.

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Many artists are beginning to direct traffic to Eventful via their MySpace pages in an effort to expand their exposure and use it as a guide when setting up gigs. Mail to each venue or promoter you have arranged a show with. For example, you could write "Hey friends and family, my band The Sunflowers wants to put on some great shows for you guys, and we could really use your help finding some gigs so that can happen. Write up a contract for promoters and venues.

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You can always Google it to make sure it's not already taken. Most bands just starting out are lucky to just get a gig with a bigger name band - they rarely get paid. They can they can play shows and actually draw in places like Oklahoma or Arkansas or places that are not traditionally places that smaller newer artists go. Have them fill it out and send it back. If you want your music to be energizing, then "startling" is probably a good way to start. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I need to find a specific person voice type for my band, but nobody I know would work. Note that supplements are never a substitute for food.

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