how to keep youtube playing on android

how to keep youtube playing on android

Boom, the video will now keep playing in the background Unfortunately, this trick works only works on Android devices – so iOS users will have to look for another Mix. Aug 08,  · Here's how you can force YouTube to keep videos playing in the background on both iOS and Android. This tip is great for listening to Uzair Ghani. Oct 19,  · Here’s a handy list of steps to do it yourself, starting with Android: Open in the Chrome browser. In the three-dot menu at the top right, check the "Request desktop site" box. Navigate to the video you want to listen to and press play. If you’re shown a warning saying YouTube Author: Vlad Savov. Sep 14,  · Now I'm creating an Android application witch use YouTube api to play Video. But the player stop when I change Activity. I want to keep Playing like a Music Player even when Activity will change. I try to solve that by adding Static on YouTubePlayer.(But cannot solve.). Mar 18,  · Don’t open up the YouTube app, stay in Chrome. Next up, you must pause the video and then switch to another tab or app. The volume notification will remain in place, hit play, and you can continue to listen to the video in the background. It’s that simple, but the video at the top can also guide you through the Robert Triggs. Jan 17,  · Playing videos with Firefox and Chrome (Android) Step 1: Launch Firefox or Chrome as you would normally and go to the YouTube website. Step 2: Navigate to the video you want to play in the background. Step 3: Go to the Settings menu by tapping the three dots in Author: Mark Jansen.

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Looking for music on YouTube to listen to in the background? Tap the three vertical dots icon. It used to be that this was a feature restricted to YouTube Red subscribers only, but with the introduction of YouTube Premium, Google has begun offering picture-in-picture on YouTube to non-subscribers too. Tap the three vertical dots in top-right. Co-authors: 7. Learn more Article Summary X 1. Firefox and Opera Touch are two browsers that definitely work with this method, and we recommend testing out any other iOS browsers you prefer.

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Here are the best controllers for Android games on smartphones and tablets, with rechargeable and wireless options. Once you have done so, select Install. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Play the video in your browser. Play your video.

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Closing the YouTube app will stop the video from playing, but there are a few simple workarounds that will allow you to listen to a video in the background while you get on with something else. This will now allow you to play YouTube videos while your Android device is locked. Play a video in your browser. Download and install your chosen app. Tap a video on the YouTube homepage, or use the search bar at the top to quickly find a video.

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