how to play dvd on alienware laptop

how to play dvd on alienware laptop

Oct 01,  · hi guys i have a alienware m17x r2 and it wont play dvds it play cd no problems it even play dvd copys but when i get dvd out not a copy it wont play at all,ive tried my cod waw dvd that wont work can someone help us ive tried VLC with no luck. The same way you would in any other laptop. I have seen a model that has the CD/DVD drive in the front, under the touchpad, but if you ever have trouble finding your optical drive's location, on a. (2) Right click on Computer and select properties. (3) Click on device manager from the left side of the screen. (4) Double click on CD/DVD option. (5) Right click on the device and uninstall it. (6) Now restart the computer. Check if the issue is fixed. If not then you may use . Sep 26,  · I'm going to buy the Alienware m11x soon and it doesn't come with a cd/dvd drive. I saw a cd rom drive for the m11x on and I need to know if it plays everything;(pc games, DVDs, etc). Just let me know which one to buy to play those Open. Hello, I just received my brand new 17" Alienware laptop. The machine was well packed and looks great. It appears to be quite fast, too. I am a little perplexed though . Aug 08,  · The problem is Alienware all have slot DVD drives, and so there is no eject button on the actual drive, or emergency eject hole in the drive. I hope my drive doesn't cause me grief. Otherwise my laptop will be just like my car. It has had my kids music CD stuck in there for the last 4 years now. Select the tab “Library” and double-click on the DVD entry under “Music.” The DVD menu will be displayed. In the DVD menu, click on “Play” to start movie playback. Press “Alt+Enter” to switch the full screen mode on and off. With Windows Media Center. Log in to your user account in Windows XP/Vista and insert a DVD into the DVD drive. Jul 20,  · Use a Licensed DVD Player. To examine all the software on your computer, use the All Apps screen. Press the Windows key to access the Start screen, right-click anywhere on the Start screen, and select All Apps. Scroll through the list of installed applications and look for a DVD-playing program. If you’re using Windows 10, Author: Chris Hoffman.

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If your laptop doesnt have a CD drive then I suggest that you put it on a flash drive and try it on a computer or laptop that does have a CD drive. Add a comment. Laptop Video Card. May 6, M17XR , May 4,

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I saw a cd rom drive for the m11x on amazon. Started by Ldraps Apr 16, Replies: 4. I have intermediate to expert experience with desktop hardware. Hackintosh on a real macbook? Yes I totally agree from the above mentioned answer.

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Where do you put a music CD to listen to it on my laptop? What is the best laptop in the range? Started by farisyusry May 6, Replies: 1. Remove the power button. Started by emSuarez56 Apr 19, Replies: 1. Sidebar Sidebar. Started by markc Jun 23, Replies: 5. Do steam games download while the laptop is off? Laptop connected to separate higher resolution monitor.

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