how to play electric guitar through computer

how to play electric guitar through computer

Mar 15,  · What software to use to play guitar through computer? Thread Tools. , PM #1. The other option is a hardware usb interface that you could run an electric guitar straight into or plug a mic into, along with the same software coming bundled with it, again for well under $ , AM # Oct 07,  · I'm amp-less (my year-old Crate finally died) and wanted to see if there was a way I could just hook up my electric to my computer and practice/record through headphones - no amp needed. What's the best way to do this, if possible? I'm just getting pack into playing again so thanks for the help! If you would like to play your electric guitar through your PC speakers, you can as long as you have the appropriate adapter. Standard electric guitars and amps use cords with quarter-inch jacks, whereas PC speakers use cords with eighth-inch jacks. Mar 11,  · I have an electric guitar and a pc laptop. I know it can be done, as I have a friend who I have seen play the guitar through his computer (although he was using a mac). A few things I need to know are: Do I need a special lead to plug into the computer or some kind of adapter, and if so what is it? Do I need to buy/download a program to do this?Status: Open. Dec 14,  · You can connect an electric guitar or another electric instrument to your computer to play and record in an audio track, and use the included amps and pedals to shape your guitar sound. There are several ways to connect an electric instrument to your computer. Apr 04,  · Connect Guitar to Computer: A Quick 4-Step Recording Guide. Written speakers and even effects. It's a great tool for those who want to play guitar through their Mac or PC. If this EQ sounds too thin (the results will depend a lot on your amp and guitar) you can push bass (and even the gain) up at % intervals until you're either happy Author: Bobby Kittleberger. Certainly an electric guitar amp is an important thing to have. But it is also important to know how to amplify an electric guitar without an amp. Sometimes you simply have to choose between getting a really good guitar now and waiting for an amp, or spending the same money for two pieces — and [ ].

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If a soloist is behind the beat, go with the rhythm section Purchase the correct cable or adapter. If you are looking at the Apogee MIC and playing archtop you might want to consider looking at the new re-release of the Apogee One. Won't mention his name. Either way, you may not have known that you can simulate the trademark sounds of famous amplifiers using something you probably already have: a computer. Asker's rating. When I first investigated this subject 4 or 5 years ago, several folks recommended the M-Box from Pro Tools as a starter that could lead one to go full-blown with the full Pro Tools model. Plug the other end into the line in of your speakers.

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You can connect an electric guitar or another electric instrument to your computer to play and record in an audio track, and use the included amps and pedals to shape your guitar sound. Choose a mono input for monophonic instruments with a single channel , and choose a stereo input for stereo instruments with a pair of channels. The adapter is just a metal or plastic-coated plug that has a female quarter-inch jack on one end and a male RCA sometimes called phono plug on the other. The 1st audio track can have the guitar portion inside so you can hear how it's likely to sound , and another sound track gets the music with the guitar eliminated so you can play with your self! Related Articles.

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I fitted it with a hand wound Kent Armstrong 12 pole floater and a black chicken head vol knob. Thread Tools. Make sure the format matches the input. By using a low latency kerneled operating systems and audio applications designed for the purpose ie: AVLinux, KXStudio, Ubuntu Studio much better Stabilty wise now, but not sure about the old VST support whines with monothithic kernels and low latency apps like Jack, Ardour, "Guitarix" Virtual Amplifier, Rackarack , Burt's Cybernetic continentally joined Twin and effects processing program : and many Drum machine. Edit Related wikiHows. Turn on monitoring for an electric guitar or bass In the Recording Settings area, click the Monitoring button. Insert your standard guitar cable into your guitar. For the best results, bypass the analog connection entirely and connect your guitar digitally to your computer.

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