how to play guitar like nile rodgers

how to play guitar like nile rodgers

Play Guitar Like Nile Rodgers. In this lesson, we are checking out three guitar licks in the style of the funk legend, Nile Rodgers. Nile Rodgers is perhaps the most prolific guitarist and producer in funk history. He has worked with Chic, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, David Bowie and . As the Daft Punk collaboration showcases his immense talents once more, we take a look at how to get Nile Rodgers Style Guitar Tone. It would be fair to say that Nile Rodgers is a ‘lesser known’ guitar legend- in most guitar playing circles at Joe. Nile Gregory Rodgers Jr. (born September 19, ) is an American record producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger and co-founder of Chic, he has written, produced, and performed on records that have cumulatively sold more than million albums and 75 million singles worldwide. He is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a three-time Grammy Award-winner, and the. “You probably don’t know my name, but I bet you know at least one of my songs,” Nile Rodgers says in BBC documentary, Nile Rodgers: The Hitmaker. Indeed, over the past 40 years Rodgers has penned, played and produced a vast wealth of hit songs, starting with “Le Freak” and “Good Times,” the era-defining late-’70s smashes by the band he co-founded, disco powerhouse Chic. LE FREAK by Nile Rodgers. Difficulty: Blue. Views: , Save for later. In Progress. Mark as Complete. NOTES; I love playing this tune, it's such a fun one to lock in with and find a groove. Think you will like it too and there is a lot to learn on the way - all about string muting, avoiding strings, clicking them, and all that. Real good fun! Apr 01,  · “THE HARRY FOX AGENCY ONCE FIGURED OUT THAT something like two billion dollars worth of music has flowed through this one guitar,” says Nile Rodgers. He’s talking about “The Hitmaker,” the ’59/’era hard-tail Fender Stratocaster you hear him playing on hit albums he produced for Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Duran Duran, and . May 23,  · Nile Rodgers Wrote Every Funky Song You've Ever Loved You might know him as the leader of Chic, or the guy playing guitar on Daft Punk's "Get . May 03,  · From his disco beginnings as co-founder of Chic to his recent collaboration with Daft Punk, here's a very brief trip through super-producer Nile Author: Gemma Collingridge.

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The album was not overdubbed or changed in order to keep the recording pure. Never showy, his style is one that sounds fairly simple, but is very difficult to imitate a sign of a true great. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Atlantic picked up an album option with Rodgers and Edwards, who quickly wrote more songs, and Chic's self-titled debut was released in November. I appreciate the detail on his equipment. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

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That was weird, but I got used to it. Sister Sledge — Lost in Music There, he played yet another prototype. Rodgers formed the short-lived experimental band Outloud in , with David Letterman 's guitarist, composer, and vocalist Felicia Collins and French session musician, producer, composer, and keyboardist Philippe Saisse ; the trio released a single album, Out Loud, on Warner Bros. Home Players Features.

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I'm flabbergasted! This example is around E minor, or E minor 7 at the start here. Fact Mag. Library of Congress, Washington, D. June 27,

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