how to play music via bluetooth in car

how to play music via bluetooth in car

Jul 28,  · Bluetooth Add-on Devices If your car or truck stereo doesn’t have a Bluetooth option than a Bluetooth add on device can be bought to transform it into a one. The most common way is to use the sterio jack that is feed into a Bluetooth transmit/receiver which a smartphone can than transmit to. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Device Amazon. Aug 26,  · I have installed a sony MEX-BTU too. It worked beautifully with my galaxy s2. However I have recently upgraded to a note 3. I can play bluetooth audio music, the phone pairs and reads the address book. I can place a call using the sony controls, but the mic and speakers do not work. Sep 30,  · If you are currently connecting your iPhone via an AUX port for playing music, the best suggested option is to connect iPhone 7 via Bluetooth to the device which is connected to the AUX port. If you still cannot play music from iPhone 7 to car Bluetooth then it’s better for you to take following suggestions: First of all is to check whether it has the latest operating system installed on it . Sep 06,  · You can buy with and Aux connector. Now Just plug the Adapter in the Aux port or the mm Jack of your car stereo or speaker. Pair it with your phone & play your songs from the speaker via the bluetooth adapter. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your device, such as smartphone or tablet, and search for the available car stereo. Go ahead and select the correct one so as to set up the connection. Step 3 Start Playing Spotify Songs in the Car Open Spotify in your iOS or Android OS, select the chosen songs and hit Play Author: Matt Smith. Apr 01,  · Way Two: Connecting iPhone with USB If you have a stereo USB port, you can connect your iPhone to the car with the provided USB cable. Then on the screen of the car stereo, you can select the songs in your iPhone and play them/5(40). Jul 16,  · Jackless Jams: How to Play Music in Your Car With No Aux Input. An FM transmitter plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and connects to your device via an aux cord or Bluetooth. The.

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Apple CarPlay is available in all iPhone 5 and higher versions. Step 4 Open the music software on the mobile device or the network control panel where the Bluetooth icon is accessible. In case the mobile device can't locate the car stereo when pairing wirelessly, the manual will help you troubleshoot. Rating: 4. You will see all the music stored in your iPhone. All Rights Reserved.

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One easy and wireless way to connect iPhone to car stereo is to make use of this feature. This alternative to Spotify Bluetooth has a simplified interface that lets you enjoy your music as you stay focused on the road. Rather, you just need an FM Transmitter to enjoy Spotify music as you drive along the busy driveways. He is a movie lover who write a lot of movie reviews for many websites and blogs. Step 2 Look for the Bluetooth icon on the stereo display.

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However, the effort it takes from start to finish may bring variation as far as getting quality music is concerned. Step 3 Turn on the Bluetooth device that holds your music, such as an iPhone. Besides, you can choose the play mode as you like, including shuffle, repeat one and repeat all. Apart from using Spotify Bluetooth in car, there are other ways that you can use to stream your favorite Spotify music as you drive along to that far reached land. Some are cheap while some are expensive, depending on the audio quality they provide. He is a movie lover who write a lot of movie reviews for many websites and blogs. Please input review content! Almost every modern car is equipped with the function of Bluetooth. Technology has really advanced and this method just gives you a real feeling of a real-time computing experience.

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