how to play piano with left hand

how to play piano with left hand

So, place your left hand on the piano keyboard with your thumb on Middle C as shown below: Try pressing down each of the keys in turn. You may find this more difficult than your right hand (or not, it depends on how much you use your left hand) – that’s fine. May 24,  · To play piano, the left hand must match the right in strength and dexterity. The correct fingering improves playing speed and formation of chords. You have several options for playing with your left hand: You can play scales, melodies, simple one-note harmonies, chords, or just plain cool-sounding accompaniment patterns. For a quick (and stimulating) drill, this exercise helps limber up the left-hand fingers in C position. Sing or say out loud the name of each note as you play it. There is a bit of variance, but only the C, F, and G chords are used (I, IV, and V chords). He plays the left-hand only pattern first, then he incorporates a melody in the right hand together with the left hand pattern. The melody stays the same through all ten patterns, adjusting for the tempo of the left hand . Now place your left ring finger (number 4) on the white note to the right of C. Next, place your remaining left three fingers down on the next three white keys respectively. You should have all five of your left fingers resting on the white keys, this time with your little finger starting on . You use 3 fingers to play these notes. With your left hand put the number 5 finger on the C. Without searching for the E or G note, just press down your number . Oct 03,  · Close the lid on your piano keyboard, find a table or other flat surface, or just use your lap. With your left hand, tap the rhythm of the left hand part of the song. Then, with your right hand, tap out the rhythm of the right hand part of the song. Once you can do each part individually and with confidence, try tapping the two parts together. Feb 10,  · Hey guys, so this is my go-to left hand pattern for piano. I use it ALL the time if you watch any of my piano covers. It's basically an arpeggiated 9th chord if you know your theory.

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This can be seen in an A minor chord in the second inversion. Practice the following finger techniques to build dexterity in the left hand:. This may take you a few goes to get it right, but just keep trying. I've worked as a composer for film, commercial, and theatre projects as well as a session musician and producer for recording projects. The chord is highly dependent on which melody notes are being used in that part of the song. Triads three-note chords are formed using fingers Press the "Play" button on this online mp3 piano player to watch and listen how this beginner lesson for piano should be played It is a clear and logical structure.

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Keep your hand steady and in one place. After playing black keys , aim to land on a white key with your thumb or little finger. C chord is the notes of C, E, G. Two things to note: It's not really true that each hand is doing something different. Knowing how to read music is not essential for playing music, chords especially.

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I might agree with you on improvisation. Sorry for the weird explanation I self taught myself to learn the piano, so I, not exactly classically trained or able to give professional advice. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. How to Play Notes on the Bass Guitar. Have fun! On the other hand, if I have a Bach two-part or three-part, or a dang Fugue invention, it's quite likely that I see more of an overall composition with this hand doing this at this time, and that hand doing this at another time, and then they're both together and I'd better really work those four measures , and so on Mirror things.

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