how to play pond hockey nhl 19

how to play pond hockey nhl 19

“From the pond to the pros.” In the new NHL 19 video game from EA Sports, gamers get to experience hockey in its purest form – outside. In its’ Outdoor Hockey in the World of Chel explanation on the game’s website, players can compete in 1-onon-1 free-for-all contests – no rules and no stoppages, just like playing outdoors. Jun 21,  · NHL 19 has a pond hockey mode that looks awesome but will likely be a huge let down. But now that I’m closing in on the wrong side of 25, I barely even play Christopher Powers. Dec 31,  · While the NHL turns its attention on New Year’s Day to the outdoor Winter Classic, video gamers have been playing outdoors for some time. In fact the NHL 19 slogan is “From the pond Author: The Globe And Mail.

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And then sort of brought it back to key in on our idea of what mattered most to liven up the experience. Ramjagsingh: Pond hockey specifically I'm not sure. Read most recent letters to the editor. Do you think of it as more of an experiment or more of something that really going to be in there for a long time to come? A lot of gear that is new to the NHL franchise and a little bit out there. Due to technical reasons, we have temporarily removed commenting from our articles. And then for each one of the different rinks, there's fours different tiers of our outdoor arenas that we have; they're all different times of day and have slightly different lighting on them as well. In the initial brainstorm phase we went everywhere with this.

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So it adds some really really interesting sort of gameplay elements as well. The leaderboards reset every day, so you're encouraged to come back all the time. Hammer Time. GameSpot: Did you have this in mind for any previous games? So whether that's more ponds or authentic ponds like the ones you grew up playing on, that's one direction that we could go but we're trying, really trying to figure that out right. The outdoor part is sort of the cool, kind of flashier piece, but if the experience, the gameplaying experience doesn't hold up that doesn't matter where you're playing.

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Load Comments 3. All my video games are dead , etc. Ad Choices. So, last year as it started with NHL 18, we started to look for opportunities to branch out and reach a wider audience and appeal to a wider audience. You can wear an NHL jersey over top of a hoodie. GameSpot: How much attention is it getting overall inside the studio. GameSpot: I'm curious what your expectations are for pond hockey considering it's really only known and fully appreciated by people who live in cold-weather places? Click To Unmute.

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