how to play ps2 games from usb flash drive

how to play ps2 games from usb flash drive

How to Play PS2 Games Using USB Hard Disk or Pen Drive. By [email protected] IN Gaming Last Updated: Now you can play any game which is loaded in your USB hard disk or USB flash drive or pen drive. I am using this method to run PS2 games via USB hard disk and pen drive both successfully. yuan February 5, , am. hi, thanks for Author: [Email Protected]. Oct 31,  · - Alongwith the USB Advance, you will get a software for your PC to convert the downloaded games into the games playable through USB. - Open the software, browse for a game file, and convert it. - Now insert the pen drive into your computer and . Nov 21,  · With that out of the way, insert your Usb drive on the ps2 and open OPL On the first loading of OPL, some things have to be configured, so this screens will appear: Press Cross to select Settings, And go to Usb device start mode, and change it to Auto And, on Default menu, change it to USB Games and select OK and on the menu, Select Save Changes. Jan 12,  · Do we need to modify ps2 slim (i.e., tape-straw method) to allow play of ps2 games from hdd or usb flash drive using OPL? Been trying to load games off my defragged flash drive. It gets past those flashing colored screens but then it gets to a black screen and gets stuck Versatile. Oct 08,  · How do i play ps2 games on the usb thumb drive by using freemcboot you how to play ps2 games off a usb flash drive olp tutorial how to play ps2 games off of usb hard drive using opl v 9 tutorial cc you. How Do I Play Ps2 Games On The Usb Thumb Drive By Using Freemcboot. Oct 09,  · 1) Format usb drive as fat32, primary and active partition. 2) Put your ISO games in a DVD folder (or CD folder) depending on file size (less than GB for DVD, MB or less for CD) 3) If you have ISO file larger than GB, then use USBUtil V or USBExtreme to split the games and save them to the root of your usb drive. Sep 01,  · The PS2 only has USB , which was designed for things like mice and keyboards, not high bandwidth devices like storage drives. I tried playing games off a USB drive but the experience was horrible, lots of lagging and crashes. Dec 09,  · How do i play ps2 games on the usb thumb drive by using freemcboot you how to properly format and install games ps2 usb external hard drive for opl you you premium. How Do I Play Ps2 Games On The Usb Thumb Drive By Using Freemcboot How To Play Ps2 Games Off A Usb Flash Drive Olp Tutorial

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What's new. Versatile October 12, at pm. My DVD drive is letter H. The USB 1. Request Tutorials Here! Blog at WordPress. TheVinAnator likes this. Prashantcruise May 7, at am.

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Your pc? Am at the office right now. Think again, here's OPL with it's helpful features to make it usable again It's been already said in this thread, but this tutorial is way more useful for the Slim variations of the ps2, since you could just insert a hdd on ps2 phat and do the same with faster loading and reading With that said, this is the best method other than dvd to play games in the ps2 slim with fmvs or atrocious loading and the advantage of no fat32 iso size restriction, you can put any game with any size, but enough rambling and lets go to the tutorial So, reading the tutorial until here, it's the same things you needed to do for the usb This is my shared folder for Smb on the moment, with my DVD folder looking like this: And my OPL on the ps2 looking like this: Now, to Setup that, first we need to make a Shared Folder With the prepared OPL folder with the games inside, Right Click on your folder and open Properties: again, Portuguese language pc, but stick with me here Source s : experience. Search Advanced….

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Both programs do the same job, and the second program is easier to use for those who are novices. Ivan Jurel San Jose November 20, at am. Kamrul06 , Mar 22, Is it possible to play PS2. What about using mcboot? Here are the PROs and Cons:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here KajNrig , Apr 15, Dec 10,

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