how to play silent night on a harmonica

how to play silent night on a harmonica

How To: Play a 'Silent Night' ukulele solo as arranged by Michael Lynch How To: Jam with the harmonica in E How To: Learn to play the harmonica How To: Play "Silent Night" on the violin How To: Play harmonica one hole at a timeAuthor: H77idz I’ve read and listened to many people teaching how to play the harmonica, but your system seems the easiest route to enjoyable playing. You are also very generous in allowing your 5 great lessons for free. I had already learnt Silent Night, but your video helped show me how to use my hands to make it sound better. Have a great Christmas. In this Harmonica tutorial I will be showing you the very basics of how to play Silent Night, the favourite traditional Christmas Carol by Joseph Mohr. This is the first video in my new series “Tune Basics” in which I will teach the very basics of how to play easy to learn songs on the Harmonica, Penny Whistle or Tin Whistle, Recorder. The Times They Are A-Changin’ easy harmonica lesson (Bob Dylan Week at How to Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the Harmonica; How to Play Silent Night on the Harmonica “It’s Got Old” – Gizzard Harmonica Tutorials; How to choose or buy your harmonica/ Mouthorgan # Beginners Hindi tutorial# Dec 14,  · Silent Night – Christmas Harmonica Lesson on C Harmonica + Free harp tab. Watch out for all those low bends on the 3 hole and 2 hole. You will need to approach them slowly and gently so that they don’t end up sounding like a foghorn – we are going for sweet melodic sounds! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your Tomlinleckie. Christmas – Silent Night. When you’re finished here, go browse my other free harmonica tabs. You can play the Christmas song Silent Night on any key harmonica. I consider the notes above hole 7 to be “high notes,” so this song gives you some good practice on the high end! This file is the author’s own work and represents his interpretation. INSTANT HARMONICA – play the wonderful Silent Night now! There is a lecture in this course on learning to play single notes and more on chord playing so you might choose to study those before learning the tune/5(4).

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If your not supposed to that, how can you tell when you are bleeding notes? Hey Jay, Very cool! Thanks so much for the unexpected gift of a song. This is a great video lesson. Maybe you could be the first.

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You said, to stop, and go back over the mistake till you get it right, then finish the song. Many thanks and best wishes! Thanks, and you can find lots of free material if you surf around my website. I am a true novice but hope to find the discipline to travel down the road to more proficiency with the harmonica in ! This is a great video lesson. I was going over Christmas songs for the 1st time.

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I am so happy to hear that you will share this song with your grandchildren…brings a smile of satisfaction to my heart…Merry Christmas. Will respond ASAP. Hey Jay, Very cool! Would be great if you could make this a regular thing, maybe you could let us vote for the songs we would like to learn! My piece was manufactured in Germany. Hai friend,this marvilious. Thank you so much for the help.

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