how to play slide guitar in standard tuning

how to play slide guitar in standard tuning

Standard tuning can be easier to play because your melodic instincts don’t have to be translated to the altered tuning of the guitar; however, it can make it harder for the beginning slide guitarist to mute the unwanted strings creating a dissonant sound. Playing Slide Guitar in Standard Tuning Vic Lewis Guitar Lessons Guitar Tuning, Slide Guitar Lessons for Beginners Over the years, I’ve had a lot of different guitars, and I’ve used a Author: Vic Lewis.

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You can hear that there are many in-between notes which are hard to tab. You'll also get 8 blues backing tracks and my 7 Practice Tips Video. More Warren Haynes style slide. All fingers have advantages and disadvantages. Accept Read More.

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Often used major chords with these strings are: G: open strings A: 2nd fret C: 5th fret D: 7th fret E: 9th fret F: 10th fret Now we can do the same for the minor chords. Another very useful chord is shaped very similarly to this last one you learned, but instead of using your ring or pinky on the D string, add it to G string in the same position, ie 0 2 1. He had such a great touch. The advantage of slide guitar is that you can play it on old guitars with worn-out fretboards or even cheap guitars with bad adjusted frets. Some notes can be left out.

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Some tips in general: start playing the Blues in G and use the D and G string. I still desire to play,and realize I may have to learn to play a different way. Hey Dude,I have played slide in standard tuning forever! Some of his own songs, and a couple of covers can be found here. Looking forward to the whole dvd. The coolest way, but hard to play is using a bottle. If you miss a tuning, drop me a note. His performances with the Allman Brothers Band as well as on the Layla album are legend.

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