how to play the ouija board correctly

how to play the ouija board correctly

Sep 28,  · You can use a ouija board on your own but you may find it hard to get any response from the spirits, so it's best to find at least one other person to play with, ideally a total of three people. For the best response from the spirit world take your board to a location which you believe to be haunted or somewhere creepy. Walk the aisle of your local toy store and in the board game section you’ll see that special box.   Dark with scary fonts to draw you in.   Maybe it’s pink, or based on Netflix’s Stranger Things. The name says it all, in bold, “Ouija”. Choose the medium. During the process of learning how to use a Ouija Board, the medium is the one solemnly intoning the questions. It can be one of the two seated at the board or a third person. Place your fingers on the planchette (pointer). In theory once you have said goodbye to the spirit the planchette should now move (guided by the spirit) down to the ‘goodbye’ written at the bottom of the Ouija board. Failing to close the Ouija board properly after each session leaves the spirits or demons present and able to influence your life negatively. Ouija boards are very safe to use as long as you learn how to open and close the board correctly. Doing this each time you use it will keep your board and you safe from malevolent spirits. Jan 08,  · If a dark entity does cross your path, sever the connection with the Ouija board immediately. Tell the spirit you no longer wish to speak with it, and if it refuses, force the planchette to “Goodbye” yourself. Then remove the planchette from the board. This should break the connection, and the Ouija board should be “closed.”. Aug 01,  · To use a Ouija board, get together with at least one other person and dim the lights in the room. You may also want to light candles or burn sage to create the right ambience. Once you’re ready to start, set out the board on a table or across two people’s knees that are touching%(36).

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Have someone write down the answers: sometimes the letters spell out very quickly, and it's difficult to keep track of what's being said. No weird shit or anything like that. What happens when you rip the board into three then leave it in an abandoned mental asylum? Never ask the spirit to possess you or ask it to show itself. Use the board while you are in a good mood. I was livid! As the planchette moves, you may want to have one person serve as the writer. Just don't believe in all that scary stuff.

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Dec 19, However, it is worth a try to see if a Ouija board can work on paper. She did and we talked to Sammy. I go to a Franciscan catholic college and we plan on doing it somewhere on campus however a few years back a group of kids were caught practicing satanism in one of the resident halls' attic. But Im wondering if I can ask it about my love life. Because "he" actually warned you.

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If the spirit is a child or two energies fighting over the session. We were so fucking freaked we didn't leave the living room until a. Never leave the pointer on the board once you have finished a session. Nothing happens by just having a ouija board. If you get a bad spirit, thank the spirit for its time and say goodbye. It helps the spirits talk with you.

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