how to play top league of legends

how to play top league of legends

Play the Tutorials. Before you decide to take on a live opponent, consider getting better acquainted with the game through the Tutorial and Battle Training. Each of these tutorials teaches the basics of League of Legends, from fundamentals like movement to more advanced . Top lane has long been known as an island because of the combination of being a long lane, side lane, and solo lane. It is the closest thing you can get to a pure 1v1 in a matchmade League of Legends Mike Plant. Dec 18,  · The main issue i have is that I don't get to play top often and other than Cho Gath i can't do well top lane at all. I don't understand the mechanics of top. I play riven and usually for the first 3 levels i win every exchange and i pick as many fights as possible to push them out early.

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Did this article help you? Killing a minion rewards you with gold, which can then be spent back at your team's Store near the Nexus to redeem weapons and consumable items. One of the key stats to understanding top lane damage trading is champion auto attack range. Attempting a trade while your spell cooldowns are up and the opponents are not is optimal, while the reverse is the perfect time to go for a damage trade. Melee characters will have a hard time fighting ranged characters, because the ranged champions can stay back from their enemy to harm them. About Contact Community Guidelines. If you want to sharpen your skills and try combos, play on the sandbox mode where you get to control everything. Relax, take a deep breath.

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It is not effective to use Ignite in a regular damage trade because of its long cooldown and because it is most effective as an extra burst of damage to surprise your enemy and cut their healing reduction in half. Warding for Top Lane Due to the nature of the long lane, warding is very important to be safe in top lane. Click PLAY. You can. For signals, Press [G] and click on the game or minimap to ping.

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Make sure that the League window is open. Press Q , W , E , or R to select an ability or spell. There are also turrets, which auto-attack enemies, and monsters, which populate the map. Enter a username when prompted. If you're on a Mac, you may have to click the Download Mac Installer link. Different champions are suited to different roles. XP - You earn experience XP from killing other champions, minions, turrets, monsters, and so on, as well as by completing in-game objectives. Some split-pushers will run Ignite for kill pressure in lane, but almost every other top laner will run Flash and Teleport.

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