how to play wii without sensor bar or candles

how to play wii without sensor bar or candles

Jun 22,  · Is it possible to control the Wii without the sensor bar connected? Replace the sensor bar with another source of light (two candles on top of the TV work). (which i'm currently using as. The cool thing about the Wii is the motion sensing. It works because of the sensor bar that sits on top of the TV. But because it's on top, it may fall off and break. We can show you a lot of easy Author: Tom Merritt. Wii Sensor Bar Candle Trick: Materials: television, electricity, wii, candles, wii remote, paper towels Procedure: 1. Turn on your wii and television. 2. Put the candles in front of the television. 3. Light the candles. 4. Position the candles so that they are a certain. Apr 29,  · Can you play wii without the sensor bar and replace them with candles? Follow. 12 answers I turned out all the lights in my living room and lit two candles about three feet apart beneath my projector screen, seeing as they emit several wavelengths of light, both visible and beyond. How can I play my Wii without the sensor bar? 10 Status: Open. are you kidding me? yes you can!! try to use the wii without the sensor bar, if it doesn't work use two candles. go to youtube and type in wii sensor bar candle. and you should find something. if. May 27,  · If you’ve misplaced your Wii sensor bar or damaged it for whatever reason, there’s a way to continue using your Wii without a sensor bar. To replace the sensor bar, simply light up a few candles near the TV, and bam – everything’s back to normal. How can you play the wii without the sensor bar? are you kidding me? yes you can!! try to use the wii without the sensor bar, if it doesn't work use two candles. go to youtube and type in wii. We had this argument because the Easter holidays were rumbling to an end and he was bored. Time, he decided, to dig out the Nintendo Wii. Most of it emerged from the black hole of our play room (think storage area for lost and forgotten items) without difficulty, but the sensor bar? Nowhere to be Tim Danton.

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Linear Mode. Try unplugging your will sensor bar 2. Our Patreon. Don't show this again. Depending on what type of wireless sensor you have you might need the original sensor bar to pick up the signal. Well, the buttons may be sticked down, the sensor bar may have something in the way, or you may not be aiming at it.

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Hope this helped! Our Patreon. I gave him two and told him to do his worst. Well that is just awesome. Linear Mode.

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Why doesn't my Wii control work? The sensor bar is really just a collection of infrared LEDs. The infrared light from the candles works just like an LED. The batteries are dead or the wii sensor bar is out of place or has fallen. RupeeClock Dolphin Enthusiast.

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