how to sweat less while playing sports

how to sweat less while playing sports

When the heat is on or emotions are high, sweating can be a problem and a source of embarrassment. If you think you sweat too much, you can ask your doctor whether your sweating is normal. If it's Author: Kathleen Doheny. It may be impossible to resolve all the sweating in your hands, especially while you're playing sports. However, you can cut down on your sweat levels by using over-the-counter antiperspirants. Rub the product directly onto your hands while they are clean and dry to cut down on the sweat you produce. May 04,  · How do i stop sweating so much when playing sports? I really want my girlfriend to come see one of my basketball matches but i sweat A LOT when exercising so i'd be so embarrassed if she came to a game cause id be so sweaty like it covers my entire back, anyway to not sweat as much? antipersperant doedrants dont work btw!Status: Open. While gender and age play a part in perspiration, a higher fitness level, increased exercise intensity, larger body size, hotter environmental temperature (indoors or outdoors), lower ventilation or airflow, less humidity and non-breathable clothing will all lead to higher sweat levels, says Brett Romano Ely, M.S., a doctoral candidate in human Author: Shape. The longer you exercise and the more heavily you sweat, the greater the need for a sports drink to help replace these lost micronutrients, Clark says. which is less than what you'll find in Author: Elaine Magee, MPH, RD.

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There's a possibility you may suffer from a rare condition called hyperhidrosis, where the body sweats more than is necessary for cooling, says Dr. Are you working hard enough? I'm working now? Common sweating points include your hands, feet and underarms. To prevent down-there sweat, opt for an absorbent powder designed for that area. You can run the exact same route in the summer and the winter, and although you'll sweat more in the heat, the number of calories you can expect to burn will be virtually identical, he says. Thanks for adding your feedback. However, you can cut down on your sweat levels by using over-the-counter antiperspirants.

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Athleta claims you can wash their "unstinkable" line of gear less often without fear of it being, well, stinky. Six whole eggs for breakfast.? Or if you wanna be indifferent then just make up an excuse saying that you just came out of a swimming pool or shower. Try to relax and meditate, since anxiety and stress can add to the sweating of your hands. First, choose the right product: antiperspirant.

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Your genes might not be the only explanation for your sweating. Although your diet, health, and emotions may play a role, how much you sweat is mostly determined by genetics, as is where you sweat. And in the opposite conditions, your skin can feel dry, but in reality, the sweat is just evaporating much more quickly. Sweaty Hands in Sports Cari Oleskewicz. When people talk about issues surrounding sweat production, it's mostly about sweating too much.

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