how to teach a dog to play fetch

how to teach a dog to play fetch

If your dog likes to play tug-of-war, teach him to go get a fetch toy so that you can play tug with it. Start by playing a short game of tug with a soft toy that your dog likes to tug on. Then take the toy from his mouth, tease him a bit by wiggling it on the ground, and toss it just a few inches away. Practice that before you play fetch with your dog and as soon as it returns to you, give the command "drop it." If the dog releases the ball, give it praise and throw the ball again as the reward. If your dog will not release the ball, you need to make it worthwhile and treats usually do the trick. Jun 16,  · Your dog can be extremely particular about the toy he’ll want to play fetch with. While others prefer balls, some want a Frisbee. Still, more dogs are content with playing with a plain old stick. Sep 18,  · Sure, your dog might not be interested in the game. It’s much more likely that there is a miscommunication going on. Your dog simply might not know how to play fetch. So, it’s up to you to figure out how to teach your pet to play. Finding the Right Toy. Almost every dog is interested in some kind of play object. This could be: Knotted Rope Author: Hope Hammond.

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As soon as your dog returns to you with the first ball, show it the other ball you're holding in your hand. Fortunately, it's not difficult to teach your dog to fetch. Trending Today. Increase the distance gradually while maintaining your requirements for getting the reward. Many dogs are naturally good at chasing something that is thrown to them, but they may not always be good at bringing and giving it back. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube.

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Prev Previous Bloat. Most dogs will instinctively chase the ball and pick it up. Co-authors: Take a step back and ask your dog to bring the toy to you. For training fetch, the tools you will need are an appropriate amount of tasty treats, a clicker or a marker word, and plenty of fun toys. Some good toys to try include: Tennis ball Rubber bumper Frisbee KONG Toy comes with or without a rope attachment If your dog is averse to putting toys in his mouth, soak a tennis ball or plush toy in chicken stock or stuff an old sock with his favorite treats.

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Repeat it and give them a little snack. Co-Authored By:. When he drops his first toy, throw the second one. Bring along a to a second toy that your dog really likes and keep it hidden behind your back until your pet picks up the first toy. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. If it looks like the dog is starting to lose interest, slowdown, and place the object in front of them again to get their attention. Cookies make wikiHow better.

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