how to teach a dog to play with other dogs

how to teach a dog to play with other dogs

Take your dog to the dog park and see if it can continue to attend and follow your rules of play when other dogs are in the area. Have other people play with your dog, asking them to do the same things but using a different tone or set of toys. Watch to see how your dog does when given commands by a young child who may not have the same. How to Train an Aggressive Dog to Be Nice to Other Dogs. by Chris Miksen. Going from running at another dog to running with another dog requires food and praise. For all the cute things dogs do, showing their teeth, lunging and attempting to rip apart another dog are not attractive qualities. Getting your dog to present himself as a friend. How to Teach Your Dog to Play Nicely With Other Dogs. The first thing I always recommend doing with dogs who are less-than-friendly with other dogs is this: Do not try to socialize your unfriendly or shy dog with unknown dogs. Only use dogs that you KNOW are friendly, polite, and gentle. You’ll need to decipher why your dog feels the need to dominate other dogs and address that specific issue before you can expect him to start playing nice. How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice. The best way to ensure a dog learns how to play appropriately is to socialize him from a young age. How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice With Other Dogs. October 22, Dan Dog News Comments Off on How To Teach Your Dog To Play Nice With Other Dogs. The idyllic picture of dogs playing together at the park is something every pup parent wants. You can see the joy on your dog’s face as he makes new friends and stimulates his body and mind.

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Repeat this process every time you see another dog for the next couple of weeks. Now you can let him play up close and personal with other dogs. If they occur at the exact time he sees the other dog, he thinks there's a reason for your fear, and he becomes scared too. This is the perfect time to condition your dog and make him realize that other canines just want to say hello and be on their way. Another reason is that their instincts may drive them to do other things. Previous Dog Mode? If you know he gets extra excited in big groups, stop taking him to the park at peak times. The issue comes in, however, when that balance is shifted.

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Dogs play with their paws, bodies, and mouths, and growling and biting can be part of normal fun. The vast majority of owners will say yes, even if their dog is the equivalent of a drunk college boy who will rudely body-slam your dog then yell in his face if your dog asks him to back off. So it's important to have a clear idea about boundaries and types of play that are acceptable to you. It's not easy for a dog to play properly when it's in a new, exciting setting or playing with unfamiliar people or animals. You need to motivate him with food and reward positive play with a variety of easy treats. If you know he gets extra excited in big groups, stop taking him to the park at peak times.

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Photo Credits running dogs image by SemA from Fotolia. July 22, Instead, calmly move your dog away and ask the owner to do the same. An improperly socialized dog may be scared if you move too fast, and a dog whose instincts are pushing it to do something else will just be confused. If your dog or puppy is anxious or unwilling to engage with you, you can earn its trust through a slow, gentle process of socialization. In some cases, your young pup will grow out of this phase as he learns better impulse control. After many weeks or months of successful encounters using the open bar method, you can shut up shop.

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