how to tell if rats are fighting or playing

how to tell if rats are fighting or playing

Jun 17,  · Rats do indeed play fight all the time. There are ways you can distinguish between play-fighting and serious fighting. If you see or hear: Squeaking - Wrestling - Kick-boxing - Power grooming the rats are just playing and are probably still Open. Mar 19,  · If I am introducing new rats, or if two rats are showing behaviors that might lead to a fight, I get a piece of cardboard, a newspaper, or a thin book and have it ready. If a fight starts, I put the barrier into the middle, and gently push the two rats Alison Blyth. Feb 23,  · Here is a link that talks about rodent play behavior and explains some differences between play and serious fighting. To me your rats sound normal and I wouldn't worry about it unless you see that one of the rats has inflicted visible damage on the other. Let’s look at the differences between playing, establishing dominance and serious fighting. PLAYING. It’s easy to tell when your rats are playing. They’re having a great time, bouncing around, no puffed-up fur, no biting, no blood is drawn. DOMINATING. The line gets a . Apr 18,  · Are my rats fighting or playing? Discussion in 'Rodents' started by Haven, Aug 20, Haven PetForums Newbie. Joined: Aug 20, Put the measurements in and it will tell you how many rats it can hold. For a pair of rats a cage size of 80cm long 50cm depth and 63cm high is standard. Nothing smaller. #11 blade, Aug 25, Feb 20,  · Best Answer: Your rats could be playing, trying to figure out who is dominant or having a small disagreement (even best friends don't get along *all* the time). In any case, there's nothing to worry about unless either of them is bleeding. Since Kaytee is grooming Ella, it doesn't sound like there's Followers: 1. Are my rats playing, or fighting? A common question. This gallery contains videos of normal play behavior in pet rats. Normal Play Behavior in Rats. Videos of baby and adult rat wrestling. Are your babies or new rats being too aggressive with each other? These snapshots of normal play will help you decide. We can see the same behaviors. The behavior patterns used during play fighting and serious fighting are similar, but the targets of attack are different. Rats continue to play into adulthood at low rates and using adult tactics such as boxing and sidling, but still gently targeting the napes of their opponents (Pellis & Pellis ).

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I am searching about Pet rat training to make a post on my website. Inside the cage, is very safe. If you have two mal es who are repeatedly fighting, neutering can help. What pets do you have? If Iggy is annoying Ollie, grab Ollie from the cage to give her a break. Whether or not I intervene when a rat fluffs up depends on the other behaviors they are showing. Their silent melee drew the attention of my two dogs , Chipper and Cleo, who as the below video of the feline acrobatics depicts assessed the situation and walked away. Existing questions.

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So, what is the difference between play fighting and real fighting? This site uses cookies to make sure visitors have the best experience possible. In some cases one rat will lower its head and back down, in other cases the victor will succeed in pushing the other rat over and then dominate them. I have 6 cats ages 8 months to 8 years. If Iggy is annoying Ollie, grab Ollie from the cage to give her a break. It protects the rats easily damaged areas throat, belly and makes sure it can keep an eye on the other rat, whilst presenting the tough back and bum as the closest target.

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Others avoid the dominant and are more frequently attacked by him when encountered. What s the worse that could happen.? I recently spotted my cats , Murphy and Zeki, playfully wrestling in a hallway, so I recorded them. If the video doesn't start playing momentarily, please install the latest version of Flash. The rats, having postured around each other for some time will suddenly launch themselves into each other and end up in a ball of fur, teeth and claws. Whether or not I intervene when a rat fluffs up depends on the other behaviors they are showing. I am learning a lot about their hireachy by reading what you and others placed online. This enables females to use different defense postures. Yes No.

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