mobile games to play while listening to music

mobile games to play while listening to music

Apr 21,  · I like listening to music or audio books sometimes while I play, but my selection of games goes down by a lot. Right now I have playing a lot of Terarria this way and its been great. What are some other games that I won't really lose out on anything with when playing muted? Best Games to Play While Listening to Music? What are some good games to play while listening to music? I imagine most multiplayer FPS's since you don't need to concentrate completely if you don't want to so I can focus more on the music, and you don't need sound when you're not playing seriously anyway. View mobile website. Title might be a bit misleading but I'm here to ask what are some of the best games to play while doing other stuff like listening to podcasts and/or music. Games that don't need much attention and have little to none story but nice gameplay. Preferably PC and/or Free. Thanks in advance! "Chill out and listen to music" games css_switchfoot Follow. Forum (a good Final Fantasy or Pokemon work well for these, in my opinion, as long as you stick to grinding while listening and stop the music before continuing on with any story bits.) Warframe is a great game to play while listening to music or watching a show. Random45 Follow. Jul 27,  · I listen to a ton of music and the 4 games I recommend are: WoW, CSGO, any total war game and Euro truck 2. World of Warcraft, at the least the original and first 2 expansions have an incredible soundtrack, but that said, the game is perfect for listening to new music or podcasts. Aug 02,  · Hey guys today I show you how to play YouTube music on your Xbox one. Sorry for the rush on this video I didn't want to lose my daily upload streak. LISTEN TO YOUTUBE WHILE PLAYING GAMES ON. Jun 01,  · Plants vs Zombies is good to play while listening to music. Easy to pause/switch songs. Game game be played entirely with the mouse, which makes it even easier.

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Definitely have spent a couple hours at a time recently listening to music and making tracks in Trackmania Turbo. Per page: 15 30 I usually pop in Fallout 3 or New Vegas and listen to Podcasts. Crimsader Not a good idea. Here's some of the ones I've done in the past: Luftrausers Spikes Blocks That Matter Grim Dawn and Titan Quest , and most other diablo clones I'd like to find others, so I am hoping for some suggestions from you guys. I cruised around for soldiers and resources in MGSV while listening to podcasts.

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Warframe is a great game to play while listening to music or watching a show. The Witness. I haven't listened to the Bombcast in a few months due to lack of time, but I almost exclusively listened to it while playing World of Warcraft. Dynasty Warriors. Floating Point. Tried it in TF2, but somehow it still distracted me enough that I stopped.

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WWE 2k Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Kyreo said: " any shooter that you don't have to think while playing. Diablo 3. Normally zombie and surf maps.

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