my phone only plays through one headphone

my phone only plays through one headphone

Jun 14,  · Hi, so my headset started being wonky a few weeks ago. When I tried to use it on my PC one day, it would only play out of the left ear. I wondered if the headset was broken but when I plugged it into my phone it worked perfect. I tried all the obvious stuff like plugging it in a different USB port but got nothing different. Jul 16,  · how to make sound play in headphones only hey guys and girls music plays in both headphones and speakers and not only in headphones unless i: unplug the speakers I would suggest you to go to sound settings and disable the Speaker device to get the sound only from the Headphone. To do so follow the below steps. 1. Click on Start. Laptop audio only in one side of headphone/earphone. Ask Question 7. I plugged in a pair of earphones into my laptop’s audio jack and the audio is only coming from one side. you may be missing some audio from having only one side being played through the single internal speaker. (The software can and should be designed to automatically. The iPhone is capable of playing audio through it's built-in speaker; however, there are times using a headset is ideal. Unless you love mono, one-sided audio, listening to content such as music. Re: Sound works from one headphone only Sony should tell you to try and clear fluff from the headphone jack first! Just spent the best part of an hour and a half backing up/Software repair/Restoring my phone as per the Live agent instructions only to put a cocktail stick in . (For the GB ipod) If you look inside the headphone jack there are two gold prongs. One on each side. I just used a pent staple to pull the one on the side that wasn't making contact and now it's playing through both sides again. (It wasn't working on the right side, but now plays perfectly with my headphones and my speaker in my office.). Apr 27,  · For some reason, when i plug my headphones into the front audio port sound only comes through one side as if that one side were the only speaker. I've tried fixing it, but I haven't helped anything. I really don't know what to do other than return the board. When i plug my headphones in mi laptop, the sound only plays in one ear. This problem ocurred not so long ago, when I first bought it, it was working fine. I tried updating the sound drivers but they were up to date. Then, I noticed that my headphones are not listed in the "device manager". Thanks for your help.

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No, create an account now. Realtek HD Audio latest driver is installed. Music play through speakers, voice played through headphones? My iPod 4 only worked on right speaker with headphones. Try your headphones now. Headset microphone not working, even with adapter.

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To check for that:. It turns out the volume of the right speaker was really low so I couldn't hear anything in that side unless I really turned up the laptop's volume. The USB ports on your machine may not be adequate enough to power your headset entirely. Hot Network Questions. Is the audio jack on my laptop defective? With the waterproofing features added to your S7 there are more extensive rubber seals around all its openings.

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My ipod touch isnt playing music through headphone? Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Headset only play out of one ear. I'd take it to Apple to see what they'd say if it is just the iPod. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. JavaScript is disabled. You might of damaged the iPod sound jack if you carry your iPod in your pocket and the headphones are wrapper around, as for it might of been scratched or something. Sound will only come out the left ear. Similar help and support threads.

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