names of actors who played james bond

names of actors who played james bond

F - Barry Nelson, born April 16, Played Bond in American born Nelson was the first actor to portray James Bond. In was not, however, a theatrical release. Instead in was on episodic television. See Brief #2, Section #10, A "Casino Royale - the television episode" G - David Niven, born March 1, Played Bond in And no less than 12 actors have portrayed James Bond in the media. In chronological order: Barry Nelson, Bob Holness, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, David Niven, George Lazenby, Christopher Cazenove, Timothy Dalton, Michael Jayston, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig & Toby Stephens. Sean Connery: Dr. No () Sean Connery was a relative unknown before he took the role of James Bond in Despite his reluctance to commit to a film series, the Bond films in which he appeared catapulted him to stardom. Portrayal of James Bond in film Sean Connery: –, and David Niven: George Lazenby: Roger Moore: – Timothy Dalton: – Pierce Brosnan: – Daniel Craig: –versant.usd by: Ian Fleming. However, there have been many actors that have played James Bond, and each has given something to the legacy of the character. You would have to try the different actors to see which one you prefer. David Niven played Sir James Bond, a retired spy, in the satire Casino Royale. Part of the film's plot was that Bond took over MI6 after M's death, so in order to confuse his enemies, SMERSH, Bond gave the order that all agents have their names changed to James Bond. However, Niven was the one who portrayed the original character.

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The James Bond movie franchise has been turning out movies since , when Sean Connery first embodied the role in Dr. In Skyfall he is an old, weak depressed man…what a pity. Although James Bond is in his mid-to-late thirties, he does not age in Fleming's stories. Linda on 24 November at He created the mold for Bond and, for many fans, will always be the quintessential

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The first Bond movie I saw was Goldfinger, years after its production. The only Bond star to make a solitary film appearance, George Lazenby won the role after a worldwide search. Barry played James Bond very casually, and despite several laughable fighting and torture scenes, the episode was an interesting and enjoyable rendition of Casino Royale. Diamonds are Forever. How old was pierce bronson when he first played James Bond? Talk of the Town.

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I think his Bond is more understood and enjoyed today. Sietse on 9 September at Mark Prosser on 6 February at Despite playing the same character, there have been notable differences among the portrayals. My team of 6 people like likes different Bond characters. Yeffeth, Glenn, ed. It was an essential strand in the increasingly tongue-in-cheek direction of the series which became more light-hearted, knowing and playfully intertextual".

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