not able to connect to online play bf1

not able to connect to online play bf1

Apr 26,  · You may not be able to access some online features if your subscription to EA or Origin Access is expired or suspended. Get help with EA Access subscriptions, or get help with Origin Access subscriptions. Is your EA account deactivated or deleted? You won’t be able connect to online play if you contacted EA Help to deactivate or delete your. It's not my Internet I restarted my Xbox took game out put it back in and reset the game and it still says can't connect online. Sign In or Register English All boards What's the use of putting together the massive game for online play only to not be able to support it with the dedicated servers it requires? Can't Connect To Online BF1. Solved: Hello, When I try to play Battlefield 1 for Xbox One, I keep getting issues connecting to EA Online. I cannot connect to online features to. Aug 31,  · The only servers that seem to work more times than not are the ones based in France. Now, this could all very well be a group of hackers but with the unreliable sources and numbers I have accumulated and since no one else seems to know why the fuck we can't play BF1, I'm pointing my fingers at the French. That's is all. Dec 25,  · I play on xbox and about a week ago I could play no problem but after the final stand update it tells me that it can not retrieve battle packs. Then says that i can not connect to EA servers. My internet is fine, ive cleared system cache, and re-downloaded the . Sep 19,  · So three days ago, I experienced this problem that I can surf the web normally, but I can't connect to game servers, when I try to connect to game server, its like it disconnects from the game server alone, or times out. The games I am not able to play are: 1- DotA 2 (Used to play it normally) 2- .

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Maybe check those emails, you never know there could be something there. Message 18 of 34 1, Views. Sign In or Register. The thing is mine is fine. September I have the same problem here. I mean Titanfall 2 doesn't have this problem at all.

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Bell South. They don't want everyone to see how often they are down. Sign In Register. Aug 12, 1 0 4, 0. We are pleased to announce that the Battlefield 1 October will start rolling out October 12th.

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Graphics Cards. What's the use of putting together the massive game for online play only to not be able to support it with the dedicated servers it requires? X Donate Contact us. I was loyal consumer of this brand for years but this is to much. When I try to play these games they say can't connect. Sign In or Register to comment. Message 8 of 24 83, Views. Message 3 of 24 92, Views.

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