play as all the extra toggle characters

play as all the extra toggle characters

Play as all the Extra Toggle characters Toggle Extras is one of the red hats/extras that you can turn on during fleeplay. It enables you to toggle through additional characters that can't be used. How do I play as all the extra toggle characters to get the achievement called: And really bad eggs for Xbox ?, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Questions and answers, Xbox Jun 25,  · Play as all the Extra Toggle characters When you have unlocked the Extra Toggle Characters red hat, you can have access to extra characters in some of the levels. All you need to do is cycle through the characters you have available, while in free play, with this extra turned on, and you will get the Head_Fish. Play as all the Extra Toggle characters Whenever you start a free play level you get to choose a character to use and the game will also give you other characters you can use on the level. If you activate the Red Hat cheat “Extra Toggle” whilst in the hub, these additional characters given to you will be more than normal. With this on, this extra allows you to play as 16 characters you normally can't play as. Each character is only playable in certain levels. The "extra toggle" characters. Skeleton (LSWII: Playable in IV-2, IV-4, V-2, V-4, VI-2, VI-4, and VI-5) (LSWTCS: Playable in II-4, III-5, IV-2, IV-4, V-2, V-4, VI-2, VI-4, VI-5, Episode III Character Bonus).

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How do I play as all the extra toggle characters to get the achievement.. Have a question for this game, find the answers or ask your question. More Content. These are:. If you are still looking for help with this game we have more questions and answers for you to check.

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This may take a couple of attempts to actually hit it, but persevere and you will get it. And really bad eggs — 25G. You will not need to do anything to work towards this achievement. You may throw my hat — 40G Collect all the red hats Single Player Only There are 20 red hats to be found around the port that serves as a hub to all other levels. Okay, thanks. It does not reply to the comment.

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You need to hover over each one to get this achievement. When you come back out onto the island during the night, walk to the left and you will find a spyglass. Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters You can complete this achievement in any place where the water is deep enough for a character to be completely submerged. When you reach the end of the level, to lose the studs you have collected, let the guards kill you over and over, until you have none left. You can use the extras to get through this, invincibility being the one that will help you here. It is much easier to unlock the treasure multipliers and get true pirate on each level as you go through on free play.

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