playful kiss special edition eng sub ep 5

playful kiss special edition eng sub ep 5

KAYEM being me is being simple.. being free.. being aware on what's going on around me.. knowing what is right and wrong.. speaking out my mind.. sharing my crazy ideas and opinions on some things that may catch my attention.. i may not please everybody but who cares as long as im being me.. as long as as im not stepping on anybody.. its fine being me.. ^_^Author: KAYEM. Nov 10,  · Thankfully, episode 5 of the Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition brings us back to the warm cozy confines of Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s professional and personal lives, minus a third-wheel. This episode gave us a good look at Dr. Baek Seung Jo (rocking the neon-green scrubs and white coat, natch), and Nurse Oh Ha Ni (all professional in her nurse. Watch Playful Kiss Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. Ep 5 - 9/15/10 Ha Ni is surprised with Seung Jo's sudden actions, and runs out in embarrassment. Playful Kiss: Episode 4 by girlfriday. Show, you’re awfully cute, but I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’re all poof, no punch. Thankfully, I like all your characters, who are endearingly good-natured and sweet, so you’re not without your merits, and I have fun when I’m with you. Nov 07,  · Naughty Kiss YouTube Special Edition [] ~17th Project Completed~ Details MBC drama “Playful Kiss” announced on the 11th of October that they will be launching a special edition videos on their official youtube channel. Playful Kiss Episode 5. /10 from 19 users. Sep 15, Ha Ni is surprised with Seung Jo's sudden actions, and runs out in embarrassment. Playful Kiss Episode 6. /10 from 18 users. Sep 16, Ha Ni is tormented over the fact that she believes that Seung Jo wasn't able to go to the Tae San University interviews because of her accident. Playful kiss made me question everything, and I finished the series in two days (not sure if accomplishment or what) In Playful Kiss. Even when he pissed me off how could I stay mad at that face? Guhhhh yes. Finally someone who understands the pain. I hate to love Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss! #kdramahumor #kdramafighting See more. Dec 31,  · Guarda Playful Kiss ep 1 parte 1 sub ita - Video Dailymotion - koreanina su dailymotion Kim Hyun Joong - One More Time (Playful Kiss OST) TR sub. Ayse Seker. Kim Hyun Joong - KISS KISS(Playful Kiss) Fanmeet in TOKYO. ★SS★KIM HYUN JOONG★(Eng Sub) ♥BREAK DOWN♥ღ Katie Aguilar. (HD) ♥ (SS) KIM HYUN.

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If not someone should tell them. With this, I really like how they've altered the roles - he's a lot nicer in this version and she's got a lot more sass. You know this drama makes you ridiculously smiley when even reading a recap of something you watched like 5 times already, still makes me giggle and grin. Okay, you got me there, Show. Playful Kiss Episode 9 7. Been a lurker here for a while — stalking the site, and reading all the comments. Most people are 18, or turn 18 during their senior year. Everyone has room for improvement.

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Angela September 12, at AM. Baek is a male after all. I feel so proud of how far Ha Ni has come in her nursing career, even though some of her professional decisions in this episode reeked of typical act-before-thinking Oh Ha Ni teenage behavior. Korean name. With the help of his aid Choi In

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Thank god that evil pinchy-faced wench from the last episode was shipped back to the US and far far away from our Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Highest Rated Films It coinsides with the loftiness of this drama. Anime television series. Feel free to download complete episodes of Playful Kiss If you want to tpost the download link on your own blog or space, please don't I know I'm such a hater here but I felt that it could be nothing but pretty amazing at how much of a jerk and almost autistic the taiwanese main character was. I was particularly pleased when Seung Joo started playing the guitar The group performs exorcisms unofficially.

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