playing two separate audio sources to two separate devices

playing two separate audio sources to two separate devices

Jun 13,  · Is there a way to have 2 audio sources play at the same time on 2 separate playback devices? I'm using a bit Windows with a samsung display as 1 monitor and an LG Smart TV as the second. My aim is to be able to play a movie file on the LG TV for the family and play . Though Codelt already answered the question, it should be known that the terrific Pulse Audio has builds available for Windows: PulseAudio on Windows. Setting up PulseAudio beta for Windows. Mar 15,  · To do that, navigate to Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot. Select Playing Audio, then click Run the troubleshooter. You may also use the Microsoft Easy Fix Solution to address sound issues on your PC. Please click Find and fix problems playing sounds on this link. Sep 01,  · Does windows 10 allow 2 different audio devices to output audio at the same time from two different sources? (versant.uss10) Realtek audio chips usually found on motherboards have option in their configuration settings to play 2 separate audio streams. Jun 14,  · 1 pair of headphones (which comes with seperate drivers for the device) 1 pair of PC speakers Using 2 different audio sources he wants: music to be played from desired software (using PC speakers) and at the same time to play video games where only the sounds of the game are coming through headphones. Jan 01,  · To check if you have two separate devices configured, right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and select ‘Playback Devices’ from the context menu. Output Audio To Two Different Devices Install Audio Router and play audio in two different apps, or in separate instances of the same app. Run Audio Router and it will show you an interface that resembles the volume mixer in Windows. Feb 07,  · There is an option in the settings: 'Make front and rear output devices play two different audio streams simutaneously.' Check that and you're good.

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We expect something similar happens with Groove. Stay logged in. Similar threads B. Paulo soundclick 6. Refer this video or this GIF.

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Additionally, it is very scriptable so the user can have it automatically route based on conditions after some configuration. I've tried multiple approaches and haven't been able to get it to work. Post as a guest Name. This is something that can only be accomplished through a third-party app. Windows only lets you output audio to one device at a time.

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I wanted to be able to switch between outputs in 'play back devices'. Pulse Audio has been providing this feature on Linux desktops for about four or five years, therefore it is stable and reliable. This site in other languages x. Android Smartphones. The TV and Speakers work correctly, but my monitor doesn't have sound despite passing the tone test.

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