playing with fire theo fleury book review

playing with fire theo fleury book review

Oct 23,  · Review: Playing With Fire, by Theo Fleury. This one from his Calgary Flames Stanley Cup win. "I had experienced a major win at the World Juniors, so I knew what the process was. 'Don't get too excited, just stay calm. You can't start thinking instead Author: Laura Robinson. In Playing With Fire, Theo Fleury takes us behind the bench during his glorious days as an NHL player, and talks about growing up devastatingly poor and in chaos at home. Dark personal issues began to surface, and drinking, drugs, gambling, and girls ultimately derailed a career that had him destined for the Hall of Fame/5. Playing with Fire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Playing With Fire, Theo Fleury takes us behind the bench duri Playing with Fire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Playing With Fire, Theo Fleury takes us . Review: Playing With Fire by Theo Fleury () For now Playing With Fire, with its complete abuse to self-destruction and self-rebuilding order, combined with the description of the literal and AA-designed steps taken to have another life after the sport, is well worth the money to survivors as well as CBG. May 09,  · After premiering recently at Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival, the doc Theo Fleury: Playing with Fire debuts tonight on HBO Canada. The film follows Theoren Fleury – among the most controversial and memorable figures in contemporary hockey history – on a promotional book tour.

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This probably isn't the book for you. It's a story about the drive to be the best at a particular sport. He talks maaaaaad shit in this book. I read it for a book report, which sometimes has a way of tarnishing the reading process, but there's other, more normal, reasons I didn't like it as much. Read most recent letters to the editor. The book chronicles the highs and lows of his career, as well as the sexual abuse he allegedly suffered as a youth at the hands of disgraced former hockey coach Graham James.

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I hated that it the stories were long-winded and went off on a lot of side stories, never sticking to the point. How smart it was to keep the angry and often funny vernacular of the locker room. As male children, we are taught to be self-sufficient, to protect ourselves, to prevent incursion. Tough read as he's kind of an idiot. Find your bookmarks by selecting your profile name.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The narrative is compelling and follows Fleury from his early childhood through his junior hockey teen years and into his professional career. Details if other :. I loved opening the book only to have Fleury wrestle out and talk to me for another couple of crazy-energy hours. Actually, it's about all three rolled into one. What is helpful is acknowledging the aspects of the addiction that were enjoyable because there almost always are aspects of the addiction that are enjoyable and accepting that the person with the addiction has to say good-bye to that. I've never liked him as a Flame and now instead of feeling sorry for him, I dislike him even more. There were a lot of guys like me in the game, but they didn't want anyone to know that.

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