reasons for knee pain while playing badminton

reasons for knee pain while playing badminton

Patella Tendonitis is also known as 'Jumpers Knee'. Typically knee pain comes on gradually during jumping and landing during Badminton. Over time, the strain on the Patella Tendon becomes too great and microscopic damage develops in the tissue that makes up the tendon. Patella Tendonitis causes pain in the tendon which is worsened by activity. Nov 22,  · Jumper’s knee. Jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis is an overuse injury that results in pain at the front of the knee, localised at a point towards the bottom of the kneecap. Repetitive strain from too much running or jumping causes inflammation or degeneration of the patella Mike Walden. The rapid changes in direction that are required during Badminton can cause the ankle to roll over, particularly if the player is fatigued. Footwear that 'grips' the surface too much can also cause a Sprained Ankle in Badminton. A Sprained Ankle refers to damage to the ankle ligaments and other soft tissues around the ankle. Mar 22,  · The most common arm injuries in badminton are in the form of sprains, strains, bruises, cuts, fractures, shoulder injuries, repetitive strain injury, golfers elbow, and tennis elbow. Muscles of the forearm and the upper arm (the wrist flexors and extensors, the biceps and the triceps) are the primarily used arm muscles while playing versant.ustion: MD,FFARCSI. Jun 28,  · Knee pain is a very common medical condition that occurs due to constant wear and tear of the knee joint. It can be experienced by older adults, young adults and children. Women are more vulnerable to knee pain than men. The exact location of the . May 10,  · Exercises to prevent knee pain? (versant.uston) Concrete is absolute bollocks for badminton and puts a LOT of extra stress of your knee. If you are playing on concrete/hard floor, I urge you to go join another club/venue with a wooden/rubber/plastic coated floor. Kneecap pain sounds like runners knee. New badminton players tend to.

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It helps me to be informed with this useful article to help elderly who hardly walk due to knee pain. Also, an assessment from a sports therapist or specialist can identify weak areas and possible injury risks. Proper nutrition is important. Apple cider vinegar is used in a whole gamut of home remedies that offer something for everyone. It is sometimes known as throwers elbow. Whether knee pain is due to arthritis, muscle strain or injury, ginger is an effective remedy to alleviate the pain.

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Read more on treatment for wrist strain. This article has been written with reference to the bibliography. Symptoms of a wrist strain include pain in the wrist which may develop gradually or suddenly. The main considerations are the weight and the grip size. Long, luscious hair is a desire of many!

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If the knee pain is still there after one or two weeks, consult a doctor to find out the exact cause and treatment options. Badminton is one of the most popular indoor sports across the world and is slowly gaining recognition in countries where other major sports prevail. The cold will constrict the blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the affected area and thus reducing swelling. Other common causes include fractures, ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, dislocation of the knee joint and stiffness in the joint due to arthritis, lupus and other chronic ailments. Also, fenugreek seeds are warm in nature and considered very beneficial for those suffering from knee pain due to arthritis.

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