should i play the other witcher games before 3

should i play the other witcher games before 3

Dec 11,  · No. I never finished the first two and only ever played the first chapter or so of the second one before playing Witcher 3. Nor did I read the books. They definitely help flesh out the background and notice any little cameos and stuff but I never once felt Operating System: PS4, MAC, PC, XONE. Jul 25,  · The second best thing about the Witcher 3 are the controls. Everything just feels right, especially after the patch. The Witcher can jump now (and yes, this is VERY important to me). Overall it just feels so much more free. This is the best thing, Witcher always should have been an open world game, especially with those awesome sidequests. If you never played any Witcher game before you might not understand some parts of the Witcher 3. Let me explain. You will not experience that little smile or frown when you meet a character from a previous game (Good or Bad ;)). Some parts will just fly above you and you won't understand much. Dec 15,  · Well, atleast play the witcher 2. It's likely to be very similar, mechanically, to tw3 and it does an amazing job of getting you up to speed on the story thus far. And I mean c'mon, you gotta sympathize with Geralts plight so go play it. No, I'd have suggested playing in order but since you're already into 3 do what I did. Play 3, go back and play 2, then transfer your w2 save into a new game plus run-through. You'll find that you understand enough, then go back and get the whole picture. May 29,  · You don't have to play the other games to get an enjoyable experience from The Witcher 3, but I would advise that you at least read up on what happened in them, to get a better understanding of how things are in the 3rd game, and why they are like that. I finished 2 . You should be able to jump into the witcher 3 without knowing or playing through the other games. It would help, of course, but they are trying to make these games which can be played by people new to the series. That said if you want to go in with some semblance of understanding, there exist a few resources online to do so. If you want to know the story, you should play both games. You also shouldn't skip one and play two. One is a better game. The story is better and I prefer the gameplay. It's a little clunky but it's unique and works well once you figure it out. In the second one they made it more in line with how every other 3rd person game plays.

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NA to UK Help. Originally posted by shiel :. User Info: TorvaMessorem. I never played 1, I did play and finish 2, but I'll be damned if I remember even the slightest plot point. It's a little clunky but it's unique and works well once you figure it out. Sokol d ago I will definitely try and find a way to play the second game at least. You'll be able to export your savegames from Witcher and Witcher2, so it'll be kind of a 3-games-long story. For example if you just played the games you would probably think Triss Merigold was Geralt's love interest because of how it's depicted in the first 2 games.

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I'll say this. Witcher 2 is still a great game worth playing. Best RPG experience I've ever had. Myst-Vearn d ago Still Why do people even post questions like this one?

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It actually rivals Witcher 3 in graphics just with a different style. The Witcher 2 is a really good game though, worth playing through. The plot of the first two games is only marginally relevant. You get a really good armor set at the start of Witcher 2 that you use for about half the game. Like there's some really touching moments. The game isn't for everyone, but I'd say play witcher 1 atleast until, and a bit of, act 2. RainOfTerror But how much my choices will matter in Wild Hunt. W2 is a much better game.

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