should my daughter play baseball or softball

should my daughter play baseball or softball

Sep 01,  · F or some reason, the people who tend to take the most offense from me playing baseball and not softball, are women. Moms speak up in the crowds of games saying that I should be playing softball, the girl's sport. Not baseball, which should be left to the Shannon Crawford. Team sport: Both boys and girls can play baseball on kids' co-ed teams, and both boys and girls can also play softball. Single-sex scholastic teams are also common, with the familiar junior varsity and varsity set-up. Exceptional athletes can go on to play professional baseball or softball. And I want to provide the best competitive opportunities I can for my own kids. I played two years of major college baseball at the University of Arkansas, and I’ve been coaching my sons in baseball and basketball for the last 7 years or so. These reflections grow out of my own experience playing and coaching and watching other JMH. Apr 26,  · “Our daughter is in 8th grade at a private school in Oakland, CA. She plays baseball on her middle school team and in the Oakland Little League, where she has played for about the last 8 years. She would like to continue playing baseball in high school rather than switch to softball, which we consider a different sport. Oct 04,  · My daughter did not specialize in 1 sport. She played basketball and softball growing up as well as in high school. She did not play on a travel or club team at all and probably played more basketball than softball. I know that college coaches prefer multi sport athletes over those that specialize. She is currently playing D1 softball. Apr 04,  · Ok all you softball dads out there. I know this is probably a very stupid question, especially since my son plays travel ball lol, but my 7 yr old daughter has decided she wants to play softball this year. Jan 25,  · Not only do results vary, but the answer to the question What age should my child start playing baseball? varies even more. The reason the answer varies is that every child is different. That said, a kid under the age of four may have skills, but will not fully comprehend organized sports or benefit from playing at a such a young age. Feb 17,  · She has been pitching and playing softball since age 9. She always expressed a desire to play. We invested time and $35 a half hour for the past year for private pitching lessons and she never said she didnt want to started high school softball and realized the intense competition and wants to give Open.

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No, I run track n wanted to quit soooo bad but my mom said you can quit but your going to go to practice tonight and tell your coach. Not necessarily, but if your kid is in the 7—14 age range, I will suspect that you might not be pursuing the wisest course. I am thinking of trying to find some little ball player to give it to. Your marriage matters a lot more than some sport your kid plays. Anyone that says girls can not play baseball, must have been beaten by a girl. Should Your Kid Play Football?

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At times we will use a plastic bat even with the older or more experienced girls to correct a swing or speed up reaction time. If someone wants to play a sport, then they should be allowed to play the sport of their choice. My son is refusing to eat dinner what should I do? Comments 0. Ia it the gender?

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If the season has started, I think she should finish it out and not let her team down. Should girls play softball instead of baseball? I would just make sure she is comfortable. And given the number of kids playing and the number of available spots, even a partial baseball scholarship is terribly unlikely. I am probably around your daughters age, and I don't think you should make her pay you back. One time, a teammate quit the team because he couldn't stand to be on the same team as a girl, let alone play behind her. Here are a few reasons that some parents have given me over the years that ARE NOT sufficient to allow playing up to happen, especially as children advance to more competitive environments:. Page of 1. About this time she starts standing out to the school coaches.

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