spotify won t play on my phone

spotify won t play on my phone

Whats up my phone died with my premium account on it suddenly.i was charge for premium but cant access my account on new phone..I went through all accounts but still said i am free.i have my bank statement with charges plz help Won't play on mobile, but only on desktop Mark as New; Bookmark; Using Android and restarted the phone. This morning I went to play some music on my phone and basically it just isn't working. It showed the 'play' button (the circle with the arrow in) but the slider wasn't moving and there was no sound. I was able to move the slider further along in the song and it allowed me to do this but remained stationary and no music was playing. i just got Spotify premium on my desktop and i got the the where you can hear it on your phone too. so i got spotify on my phone and it has all my playlist there but when i go to a song it tells me i have to be a spotify premium member to hear it and it only lets me listen to the radio. how can i hear the songs on my . Hi I'm using the free version of Spotify but I can't play any music in my playlists. It just skips to another song. I can play it on my computer or if my phone was attached to my . Oct 01,  · Spotify won't play local songs on my phone anymore (versant.usy) submitted 9 months ago by osumness. Up until recently I have always been able to listen to the local songs on my computer on my iPhone through Spotify, for some reason that has stopped recently. I can hear the songs on the computer, and they appear greyed out on my phone, but I. Now I can play my music from my phone and make calls hands free. Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content; Devzilla Newbie ‎ PM. My Spotify won't work on my portable bluetooth that shows up on devices is my crime cast. It does pare to my tablet just not through Spotify. Plus help? 2 Likes Re. May 16,  · Your TV is supported by Spotify. You can check this at Spotify Everywhere or with the device’s manufacturer. If this is the first time playing to the TV from your phone/tablet, make sure they're both connected to the same WiFi network. (E.g. if your device’s connected to 4G instead of WiFi, it probably won't work.). Can't play Spotify. If this works, your inability to play on the first device could be an issue with the device itself: Check the device is supported and up to date. Your device should have at least MB available memory (you may want to remove any unnecessary files and apps).

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Rhfmatt - The previous posts will have been related to a minor server hiccup earlier today. Accepted Solutions. You're not trying to play local files. Log in on your mobile or tablet using the same WiFi network as your desktop app. Pair the devices.

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Check out our Twitter or Facebook help:. Plus help? Wait 30 seconds, then switch it back on. Spotify won't play on my iphone. For more help, check out how to troubleshoot issues with your downloads , local files , or the web player. For help setting up, visit the Android Auto Help Center.

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I have not Edit Related wikiHows. Restart your Chromecast app. A Spotify Knight in Shining Armor. Some of your tracks may be protected in restricted formats. Help topics.

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