war thunder how to play british tanks

war thunder how to play british tanks

Mar 04,  · Tier III. Obvious starting point in this tier is the Achilles - this tank has the 17pdr gun on an M10 chassis, that's mm of penetration at m at , this monstrosity of a gun in a mobile mount with a turret will permit you to frontally penetrate all vehicles easily even with a full uptier. War Thunder. British tanks are not known for armor thickness/design or having much room inide. Due to low armor and a cramped interior, they take heavy damage or are killed instantly by rounds with HE fillers. They rely on firepower and/or being able to move around very well. Even Brit tanks with thick, sloped armor are not that strong (ex. May 28,  · I've been playing the british tanks at rank V. Using the centurion mk 10 the conqueror mk 2. and vicker MBT. It sucks to grind or even just play these tanks. Having a round that can pen mm of armor at m it can barely pen the side of an IS Also if it does pen the tank the round does spread but can do little damage once inside the tank. War Thunder beginner’s guide: tips and tricks for tank battles. War Thunder’s simulation elements mean that emerging victorious from an armoured scrap requires a great deal of thought, concentration and strategy. Armour angling, penetration values and shell types add complications to the basic question that plagues every tank commander’s mind: can I Author: Pcgamesn.

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A well aimed shot is infinitely more valuable than a hundred misplaced ones. Date Posted: 28 May, pm. Buy Now. Change language. HE rounds might tempt players with their damage potential, but their inability to penetrate makes them practically useless against most tanks. Posted August 31,

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Most of the British rounds do not have nearly enough spalling to be considered realistic, but you can still do some good work with the rounds. Go To Topic Listing. I'm at 4. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I love my British tanks and am having alot of fun now with the Conway, but you have to play very carefully you just cannot charge into any situation as your armour is very unforgiving and your shot's until the higher Tier Hesh rounds mean you have to aim at different part's of the enemy to take them apart piecemeal. Buy Now.

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But german and soviet tanks will easily one-shot me, but not uncommon to have to put shots into the enemy tank. Posted July 1, Originally posted by Bogey :. The most general use shell in the game is an APHE as it provides an ideal blend of penetrative capability and explosive damage. War Thunder utilises specific damage values and modules for every tank. But, you do have good forwards speed most of the time, so you can zip around the map pretty quickly especially the tanks with Cromwell and Comet chassis. But honestly I find that engaments from that far out usally end with the target getting away due to you not hitting a vital part of the tank. If your team is autistic Let's face it, they will be , then set up a ambush in a less traversed spot.

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