warhammer 40k what army should i play

warhammer 40k what army should i play

Jul 18,  · A quiz to find out which 40k army you are. I just started playing warhammer after one of my friends recommended it to me At first I was having a lot of trouble choosing what army I wanted to run, but in the end I ended up going blood Angels. I think they look really cool, and I like their bloodthirsty nature. All of the warhammer 40k armies are fun to play, and there's no "best" versant.us: Glsupporttech. Sep 01,  · The beauty of 40K is that you can play an army any way you like really. An army that focuses on shooting doesn’t mean it’s incapable of being built for close combat. Horde factions can be played in a more elite manner, not just swarming the enemy. Very little is cut-and-dry, so do some research on the Warhammer 40K armies you’re interested/5(83). Oct 15,  · About. Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many video games, board games, books, ect. that are all connected in the 40k universe. Feb 02,  · i have never played this game. zero expeience never even handled a warhammer figure. i play dnd but im looking for a strategic/social game so i chose warhammer 40k. but before i spend all that money on it im wondering if its worth it and what army i should choose. if i play it i want an army that just plows over the enemy in large numbers that get super badass looking units (prefferably huge Status: Open. Explore the Factions Warhammer 40, is a vast, rich universe full of epic heroes, monstrous villains and a host of unique characters in between. Here, you’ll learn more about the forces vying for power, territory, and glory across the galaxy. Jul 18,  · You should of course read the rule book and cooresponding codex for the race you Not by any means a definate determinant of which race you should play as! You should of course read the rule book and cooresponding codex for the race you wish to learn about. Jan 09,  · So you want to play Warhammer 40k? Pick an army! by sausepan Jan 9 Warhammer 40k is a tabletop war game created by Games Workshop in the late 80's. The game is set in the dystopian 41st millennium, where humanity has colonized over a million planets and mankind numbers well into the trillions. But the galaxy is a brutal place, and the.

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Likewise, if there's just something about space elves that bothers you, you may want to just look past the Eldar section Not by any means a definate determinant of which race you should play as! I have dug my grave in this place and I will triumph or I will die! You'll have no problems picking one up fairly cheaply on Ebay, just make sure you buy the latest edition 5th. If you enjoy it, they'll also be able to help you pick the army which most suits the way you want to play, and give tips on what models to buy first. Go figure. No way! Answers Relevance.

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There's lots more to learn, so if I get good feedback from this, I'll post about what you need to get started, and where to go from there. These guys feature a lot of high powered long ranged fire power. Should I play Warhammer 40k? Don't remember much about white scars except they love bikes. Once you find a style of play that appeals to you, you can be pointed in the right direction to find an army that will be fun for you to play. Ork are the most numerous species in the galaxy.

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My top 4 were all eldar with Space Puppies in 5th with the armies I play in 8th, 9th and 24th. Some of them were a little obvious. Orks can also do well with shooting if taken in enough quantity to compensate for their terrible ballistic skill. Sci-Fi Miniature Games Misc. So, if you like playing with angry, stompy robots, then check this one out. Space marines go into battle wearing power armor, and wielding what amounts to hand-held rocket launchers, called Boltguns or Bolters. Even the standard-issue Tau weapon, the pulse rifle, packs a huge punch. This is yet another reason to choose an army you like the looks of, and one that suits your style. Yes No.

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