what are some games to play over text

what are some games to play over text

Fun Games to Play over text - Getting bored and want to fun on mobile then check these fun texting games, good text message games to play over text message with a guy/girl and friends. You can play these games while chatting/texting on whatsapp/versant.us: Ashley Jones. May 07,  · Best Answer: Play truth. It might be kind of hard over text messaging, but basically you take turns asking questions. They can be as personal as you want. No matter what, you HAVE to tell the truth. You win when you ask a question the other person Followers: 1.

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This application provides the provision of group texting so that you can now enjoy yourself playing games to play over text with multiple friends at the same time. I hope that you liked my small effort of compiling these sexy texting games to play with girlfriend. Else, you can never guess the classic lines. This is one of those good games to play over text that works very well if you both have a favorite song or an artist in particular that you both admire. Both you and your friend must be honest, while playing this game, otherwise there is no point of playing it.

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This game will help you to exercise your mind and make your imagination run wild. However, the two options should carry the same weight. The Stripping Over Text game is one of the most fun games where you can take it to an emotional level. You can also choose a specific category to make it more interesting. And also if you touch something does that thing get full of weed or whatever? Do let us know in the comments below.

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Questioning games are basically meant to add fun to the group and test your IQ. It is one of the best activities to help you spend quality time with her and to come closer. First in our list of texting games to play with girlfriend is a sexy game which you can, of course, guess from the name — The Stripping Over Game! However, if the letter guessed is incorrect, the player loses a point. Add your personal touch, e a little hot, naughty and cute and take your relationship to an engaging and passionate level. Take turns and send the message text and select flamboyant and outrageous multiple-syllable words to increase the fun level. With these flirting games to play with your crush, you will have a good laugh, and you will gear up for your relationship. If you were right, your opponent will lose a point and they will have to explain when, how and why they did that thing. This is not formally a truth or dare game but it is a truth or dare game crossed into the phone.

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