what are the benefits of playing volleyball

what are the benefits of playing volleyball

There are many benefits of playing volleyball, both physically and mentally, as it is a fun way to burn calories, it is a sport that exercises many parts of the body and it . Mar 13,  · A second advantage to playing volleyball is an increase in hand-eye coordination. With the quick movements of the ball and having to constantly be aware of where it is, you have to not only see it, but also be able to make a decision on how to handle the ball, should it come in your direction. Nov 29,  · Playing a pickup game of volleyball or being on a high school team isn’t just about having a good time. There are many health benefits of volleyball that .

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Research has found that whole body vibration may be just as effective as exercise when combating things like obesity and diabetes. Thank you for posting about volleyball. On the court you will not be quiet. These benefits are going to help improve your overall health each time you step onto the court. You might also want to click on the pictures below for some volleyball gear from Amazon. In addition to being a ton of fun, playing volleyball is also one of the best ways to stay in shape. This reduces the risks of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Health Fitness Revolution by Samir Becic Foundation is a c 3 organization, to make the world a healthier, fitter place, please donate!

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Learning how to anticipate the outcome on the court will transfer into your daily life. This will pump more blood through your body which in turn gives you a higher blood oxygen level, allowing you to have more energy throughout the day. When you have a stronger core, it better supports your upper body. Of who completed a item survey, results indicated that the significant benefits of the program were a challenging activity, feelings of group participation and opening up new friendships. Health Fitness Revolution - July 21, 0. Let's get moving and playing.

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Health Fitness Revolution. This sounds like a fun sport to play in the summer! If you are the setter, you will call for the second hit and receive the ball , if you are not the setter and the ball is coming close by you, then you will want to take command and take the ball. You will also become more intuitive on how a specific person plays, so you know where to be in order to help them or to be set up by them. This will help your joint be ready for exercise. Thanks a lot for posting this. Not all players are going to be great, there will be weaker players on the team that may need a helping hand at times or may hit a wild ball. Norma Chew. Top 10 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy.

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