what happens if you play the ouija board alone

what happens if you play the ouija board alone

Ouija Board – Questions & Answers Can you play the Ouija Board Alone? Yes, it is possible for one person can play the board. Only the spiritually sensitive people can do this--not everyone. You usually need to start with two people though. Possession usually happens gradually and in stages. Six Reasons Not To Play With a Ouija Board. That’s why some people choose to play alone, but all of the movies warn against doing that. It’s Not Really a Toy (Or Is It?) Obviously, if anyone in the world has actually contacted a real spirit through the spirit board or Ouija board then it’s Author: Yvonne Glasgow. Feb 26,  · How to Use the Ouija Board Safely. Ouija boards can be a fun and exciting way to connect with spirits, but when used improperly, you can invite very negative, unwelcome spirits into your home or worse, attract demonic entities. This 81%(45). What happens if you play with the Ouija board by yourself? Can you play the Ouija board alone? What happens when the oujia says someone misses you and you keep dreaming of them as well? Are there any paranormal games to play alone? What is the use of the Oujia board? Sep 25,  · Using the Ouija board alone: So here's some things you need to know before I talk about the Ouija board I'm currently pregnant right now and I wanted to be completely sure who the father was. (Sounds horrible but I'll explain). Apr 12,  · Upon returning the Ouija board, I said ‘I’m not going to play it’ and a voice came to me ‘we don’t want you to get rid of it we want you to play it’ at that point I knew I was getting into some thing really heavy and I with force finally took the board versant.us: Michael Bradley. An emphatic yes! If the Ouija board works as anything but your subconscious moving your hands around, it works by allowing a spirit or some other nonphysical entity to possess your body. This is a way for the entity to bypass the normal protection. After Pam's mother died, the Ouija board disappeared from the house, but Pam reports that she is still being haunted by whatever it was that her mother summoned through the board. Creepy but True Ouija Board Horror Stories. Most people consider the Ouija board nothing more than a versant.us: Mary Barile.

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If they don't believe, nothing will happen. Awesome picture! Anonymous November 20, at PM. Soon after, a year or two, I started to do some bad things in my life, in the house which I will only mention to a minister or priest. A third challenge is a possible loss of control. My friends, and I being the stupid teenage girls we were, asked to speak to it. He was not saved and born again when he was experimenting with it.

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Freed, yet still terrified, the husband seized the gun and shot her in the back before she could inflict any further harm. Patience is needed when learning how to use a Ouija board by yourself. The ghost would move my body without my consent, and my head was always filled with this new babbling — it was insistent that I ask it more questions. By this time, the planchette was moving faster. I would upload the pics if i could. Since then I burned the board in my fire place, because I was told ABAB is an abbreviation for a demonic spirit that came through and when I burned the board the spirit went into my dog.

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The only way to get rid of the hauntings your experiencing is through Christ. Tell us more about it? The quiet, pleasant woman was now frightening to Pam. HM Haileigh Martin Jun 6, I would go to another place and it would go away for a while and then meet up with me. Eventually, their true personality shows if you spend enough time with it.

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