what kind of guitar does slash play

what kind of guitar does slash play

The V was released in to be a guitar of the future, and its popularity took off. The unique shape and tone quickly made the Flying V a staple in the world of rock. Slash used it in the recordings for his covers of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and “Live and Let Die.” The Wood. The Guitar is made entirely of Mahogany. Slash supposedly had a deal with Black Death Vodka to play this guitar. It was completely blacked out, and had their logo on it. The guitar was used from around to , during the Use Your Illusion tour, and more recently in for the Velvet Revolver tour, mostly just for the song “Dirty Little Thing”. slash learnt to play guitar when he and his freind, steven adler wanted to start a band and they decided that slash was going to play bass and steven was going to play lead guitar. so slash. Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard (main live guitar) Gibson Les Paul Goldtop '57 Reissue (Headspace / Superhuman / Slither / Dead And Bloated / No More No More) Gibson Les Paul Standard (Headspace / Superhuman / Slither / Come On Come In) Gibson Les Paul Standard (Headspace / Slither) Gibson Les Paul Standard (Fall To Pieces). Dec 07,  · Best Answer: Slash plays a Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone is contracted by Gibson to make a Slash special model! You can get it on versant.us They are very nice, and I have an Epiphone I love (cost $ instead of $). You can get a basic model for under $!)Status: Open. May 02,  · Best Answer: Slash plays a quite nice (and expensive) Gibson Les Paul. The thing is, even if you had his guitar and all his gear you couldn't play like that now anyway. Your comment "I want to know whether its an electric or a rock guitar" gives away the fact that you are not a Status: Resolved. Dec 19,  · Slash interview about all of his guitars and how he got them all. He talks about times when he bough tons of guitars and why. He alse talks about . Saul Hudson, better known as Slash, is a guitar player best known for being the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and founder of Velvet Revolver. He has worked with Michael Jackson, Adam Levine, Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, and many more, and he has sustained a formidable solo career after Guns N’ Roses disbanded and Velvet Revolver went on hiatus.

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That is unless your doing Crazy Solos like slash and angus young because those require GAIN on an amp to do and if you dont have that it would be pretty hard. He had A red B. A cheap Gibson Explorer natural copy was also one the first owned Slash guitar. He gathered some money and decided to purchase something better. Guild Custom Crossroads 3.

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Fender Stratocaster 2. He is the reason I play guitar, my musical messiah. Slash tunes are tunes that slashes with the tune buttons. Les Paul replica 2. Gibson Les Paul type of guitar. This keeps the price down without sacrificing the quality.

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Martin D What Do They Play? Blackmore writes spectacular riffs, plays solos that make full use of all his considerable guitar skills and can play several styles of music. How much will you have to play guitar to be better than slash? Les Paul Goldtop 2. He plays electric guitar in his band. Rich Mockingbird 3.

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