who do you play as in dishonored 2

who do you play as in dishonored 2

Nov 10,  · With Dishonored 2 just about to release, quite a few people are probably wondering if you need to play the first game before picking up Bethesda and Arkane’s new epic. The answer, it turns out Author: Hayes Madsen. If you’re about to play Dishonored 2, be warned. It’s pretty good (except for some performance issues), but it throws you one terrible decision right off the versant.us have to choose from one of Author: James Davenport. Dishonored 2 is at its most fun when you know a level well enough to really play around with it. Saves can let you test the waters before going for the run you want, and quick saves can get you Author: Riley Macleod. Nov 12,  · Dishonored is my favourite game of all time, it's why I wanted Dishonored 2 so badly. Dishonored 2 is a great game on it's own, but I really, REALLY recommend playing the first Dishonored so you go into Dishonored 2 knowing exactly what's going on, since a lot of characters return from the original, and the game almost expects you to know who.

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Dishonored was not developed with a sequel in mind, but ideas for one began to emerge during the development of its downloadable content. And most of the game takes place in Serkonos, which is where Corvo is from. The game takes place in the fictional city of Karnaca. The only complaints concerned shortcomings in frame rate capabilities on the Xbox One console, "stilted voice acting and script issues, despite the compelling narrative". Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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Dishonored 2. Fifteen years after Corvo Attano restored Emily Kaldwin to the throne following the assassination of her mother, Dunwall has prospered under her reign. The history of Karnaca reportedly took approximately a year to create. Archived from the original on 3 May Jackerino View Profile View Posts. Game Critics Awards.

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With the aid of a timepiece granted by the Outsider, the player travels back in time and observes the Duke, Jindosh, and Ashworth pull Delilah from the Void. The game's main antagonists include Luca Abele Vincent D'Onofrio , the new duke of Serkonos following the passing of his father Theodanis; and Delilah Copperspoon Erin Cottrell , a witch and the antagonist of the previous game's DLC packs, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches , [27] as well as being the half-sister of Emily's deceased mother; promotional material from the special collector's edition of the game references her as "Delilah Kaldwin". Upon arriving in Karnaca, the player is tasked with rescuing Sokolov, who was kidnapped by the Crown Killer. At this point, the player chooses whether to continue as Emily or Corvo. With some quick thinking, you can avoid a lot of damage.

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