who played adam newman on the young and the restless

who played adam newman on the young and the restless

Mar 28,  · Another character will be returning from the dead when Adam Newman returns to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. However, the role will now be played by actor Mark Grossman, confirms a show spokesperson. He will be the fourth adult actor to play the devious Newman versant.us: Chris Eades. Chris Engen. Chris portrayed Adam Newman from February through June , but back then Adam went by the surname Wilson rather than Newman. Engen was born October 25, in Apple Valley, California. In addition to acting, he’s a songwriter and musician. He had a recurring role on CSI:NY, As If and JJ Abram’s first hit TV show versant.us: Annemarie Leblanc. May 13,  · Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Actor Mark Grossman On Set. It seems that the cast of Y&R is warmly welcoming Mark Grossman as Adam Newman with smiles on their faces. He partied with scene partner Sharon Case (AKA Sharon Newman) at CBS daytime Emmy events. They looked all happy. Mar 27,  · The Young and the Restless has found its new Adam Newman: Mark Grossman is stepping into the role previously played by Justin Hartley, Michael Muhney, and Chris Engen. Fans of The Young and the Restless have been praying for the return of Adam Newman, and the powers that be have granted the wish: sources confirm to Soap Central that Mark Grossman has been cast as Victor . Adam Newman is a fictional character from The Young and the Restless, a soap opera on the CBS network. Adam was created by William J. Bell as the son of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Hope Wilson (Signy Coleman) and was introduced April 24, Adam left town two years after his birth and was raised in Kansas by his mother, growing up without knowing that Victor is his versant.usd by: William J. Bell. Young And The Restless Spoilers – Fourth Actor To Play Adam Newman He will be the fourth actor to take on the role of Adam Newman. The character was previously played by Justin Hartley, who moved on to This Is Us fame ( to ), Michael Muhney ( to ), and Chris Engen ( to ).Author: Bonnie Byrne. May 12,  · So is Jason Gerhardt set to be YR’s new Adam? He’s the right age, and certainly hot enough. (Soaps never let a little thing like being shot and burned alive keep one from achieving full hotness. The good may die young, but the pretty live forever if in a variety of forms.) He can play a daytime bad guy, as Gerhardt proved on GH. Justin Hartley’s exit sparks memories of the on and off-screen turmoil that plagued the role of Adam Newman. On September 2, the hearts of Justin Hartley fans sank as the ultra-popular actor announced his departure from “The Young and the Restless.”.

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One Life to Live's Hillary B. Adam told Sage she's never mentioned meeting Billy and Chelsea. Billy stated he either did a lot of research on her or he's a stalker which made her laugh. Sick of her threats, Adam dragged his wife over to the new District Attorney who happened to be there and told him that Skye had something to say. Billy vows that Adam will not see his child grow up, or be allowed around children ever again. Signy [who portrayed Hope] won awards for her portrayal of retinitis pigmentosa , and I thought it would be a dishonor to that if I came too close to the mark. Adam showed up drunk and announced to everybody how much he loves and appreciates his wife, staring straight at Chelsea.

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Adam was ready to put Newman and his father behind him for good when he had to skip a business meeting to see Victor in the hospital after he had been stabbed. Nick and Paul Williams Doug Davidson find the overturned vehicle as it catches fire and explodes. Sure enough, Victor met up with Marco and coldly shot him. Braeden also said, "Whatever personal reasons he has, you've got to respect that. Adam burned the letter in the fireplace. We were shocked when he decided to leave, but that's his personal decision.

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Adam came back and tried to break in but Sharon shot him. Dylan, realizing what he did was wrong, hands the baby back after Avery gently talks to him. Sage helped Adam cover up his lie. After Adam was returned to Walworth to await sentencing, Nick came to visit Adam and apologized for not believing in him. Nick wonders why he doesn't want Jack to be Connor's surrogate father, and Adam says he needs a Newman. Billy takes Adam hostage at gunpoint and forces him to drive to Delia's memorial site.

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