who played benny rodriguez in the sandlot

who played benny rodriguez in the sandlot

Apr 07,  · Mike Vitar, AKA Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez. Benny, of course, became a pro ball player with the Dodgers. Vitar became a firefighter with the LAFD. He was honored in for rescuing fellow firefighters when the roof of a Hollywood Hills home collapsed while they were trying to put the fire out. Jan 10,  · We knew it was the right decision instantly, because the first kid that we interviewed was Mike Vitar [who played Benny Rodriguez].” This means Author: Kyle Koster. Dec 09,  · Michael Vitar, 37, was a child actor in ‘90s and played Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez in the baseball comedy “The Sandlot” which has proven to be somewhat of a modern versant.us: Craig Hlavaty. Sep 05,  · Yes Benny franklin Rodriguez also known as "Benny the Jet" is a real life person! He played for the dodgers. The movie is about his childhood told by smalls who is real as versant.users: 1.

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But Obedzinski? But her most notable recent work was her return to the Indiana Jones franchise and her iconic character from Raiders , Marion. Unfortunately not a real mlb player. Everyone heralded Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Karen Allen's big return, but the truth is, she hasn't really stopped working ever since her career took off in the '80s. He plays a character named Eddie. After his childhood years passed he became a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball's Five Highest Paid Players in Latest Leads.

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Pagination 1. Learn More. Sad truth: none of them went on to play baseball with the Dodgers. Brandy Halladay had the unenviable position of delivering a posthumous speech at the Baseball Hall of Fame for her husband Roy, who died in a …. LA Weekly.

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Looks like Victor has moved behind the scenes instead, working in the sound department, and serving as the production assistant and assistant director in several small films. Michael Vitar center in blue cap , the child actor who played Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez in the beloved '90s film "The Sandlot," has been arrested and charged with assault for allegedly attacking a man giving But then, maybe it's just unfair for anyone to come up with comparisons to a guy like Mantle. As shown by his character in the movie, he is both kind and polite. Recently he co-starred with Matthew Morrison in a Funny or Die video. The beast was not actually a monster, but a furious dog. This means the fictional Dodgers manager sent a pinch-runner over to third with everything on the line, rolled the dice, and hoped like hell Rodriguez could successfully steal home plate.

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