who played big mike in the blind side

who played big mike in the blind side

Quinton Aaron is best known for his portrayal of Michael Oher, aka Big Mike, alongside Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, in the Academy Award winning hit movie, The Blind Side (), which has grossed over $ million in U.S. box office versant.us: Aug 15, Jun 23,  · Quinton Aaron, the actor who played Michael Oher in the Blind Side movie, doesn't feel sorry for the real-life Oher. Panthers offensive lineman Michael Oher, who was chronicled in Michael Lewis' best-selling book, Blind Side that was later made into a movie, said last week that the exposure has "taken away from my versant.us: Ryan Wilson. Sep 25,  · A favorite character in The Blind Side is Leigh Ann Tuohy, who was played by Sandra Bullock. In the film, Mrs. Tuohy is portrayed as the one who instilled the love of football in Michael. She certainly played a huge part of mentoring the football star, but he needed a lot more than her mentorship to get to where he is today. In , actor Quinton Aaron had audiences buzzing with his stellar performance in The Blind versant.us film was inspired by the real-life story of football player Michael Oher, played by Aaron, who Author: Genevieve Van Voorhis. Start studying The Blind Side-Characters. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. 16 terms. kenziegora PLUS. The Blind Side-Characters. STUDY. PLAY. Michael Oher. Big Mike; an "orphan" who's father is murdered and mother is an alcoholic; never has had his own bed. The Blind Side () The southeastern conference (SEC) coaches who appear in the movie are portrayed by the actual coaches who recruited Michael Oher. This includes former Notre Dame and then South Carolina coach Lou Holtz, former LSU coach Nick Saban, former Arkansas coach (and current Ole Miss coach) Houston Nutt, Author: Kevin Lang. Carolina players are big fans of left tackle Michael Oher, who has been a major contributor for the Panthers. Nov 20,  · Michael who is known initially as "Big Mike" has been abandoned by his drug-addicted mother and survives in the slums of Memphis, Tennessee only by his wits. He sleeps where he can find a warm place -- a friend's couch, a Laundromat, a school gym -- when a family friend intervenes and helps him enroll in a private Christian high school/10(K).

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Last Caress even makes a point of noting the "fine performance… from the incredibly likable Quinton Aaron. In the game, the Panthers fell to the Denver Broncos by a score of 24— Offensive tackle. Challenged by most energy-packed movies that hit the screens in , the movie at hind sight did not do much visual stimulation. But it also provided him with the ability to enjoy the glamorous life that came with being such an accomplished actor.

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SB Nation. The NCAA investigator, Jocelyn Granger, insisted on finding out why Oher picked Mississippi, assuming that he did so due to pressure from his adoptive parents. Breaking away from Big Mike. In the film, teachers who were at first reluctant were instantly approving of Oher after he opened up to them. When Michael appears to be hesitant to use his strength and size while learning to play football, Leigh Anne tells him, as an offensive lineman, he must protect his quarterback.

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Retrieved May 15, A lean twenty-sixteen. He was living in a rough neighborhood in the Bronx with his brother and mother, and it was his mother who discovered the casting call online. Retrieved Before the movie, people saw Oher for who he is: a hardworking athlete, doing his best to succeed at the NFL level.

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