who played compo in last of the summer wine

who played compo in last of the summer wine

Jan 01,  · LAST of the Summer Wine pals Compo and Clegg have been reunited after they were buried side-by-side in a graveyard overlooking the town made famous by the versant.us: Robin Perrie. The actor Bill Owen, who starred in Britain's longest running sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine, died yesterday at the age of Owen, who played the loveable rogue Compo in the BBC comedy, had Author: Vikram Dodd. Jul 17,  · His father played Compo in Last Of The Summer Wine for 26 years - but he was also a matinee star and a querulous, distant Dad. Now as the series . Last of the Summer Wine Star Bill Owen has been laid to rest in the Yorkshire village of Holmfirth, the setting for the popular TV series he cherished. The year-old, who played Compo, died last week after losing his battle against cancer of the pancreas. His final wish was to be buried in the. Jan 02,  · Last of the Summer Wine duo Compo and Clegg have been reunited in death as actor Peter Sallis has been buried next to his co-star Bill Owen. The pair met on . May 07,  · Directed by Alan J.W. Bell. With Peter Sallis, Frank Thornton, Liz Fraser, Jean Alexander. The village prepares for Compo's funeral; even Auntie Wainwright closes her shop (her mobile phone is on for emergency purchases). Compo's "Thursday Lady" arrives to pay her respects/10(2). Although a Londoner, his last wish was to be buried in the graveyard of St John's Church, Holmfirth, Yorkshire - filming location for the long-running sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine (), in which he played "Compo". His friend and fellow Last of the Summer Wine () actor, Peter Sallis, chose to be buried in the adjacent grave following. May 16,  · Catching up with Last of the Summer Wine actors. Tea Time Tidbit for the week of May 16, We’ve been catching up the last few weeks on what some of the Downton Abbey actors have been up to since the series concluded. This week, in response to a viewer’s request, we switch gears and turn to the perennial Afternoon Tea favorite, Last of the Summer Wine.

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However, a few years later, the storyline was resurrected and occasionally used for Howard and Marina. A snobbish inventor, Edie's and Ros's brother Seymour always felt it was his duty to educate the masses, and in particular, Compo and Clegg, to whom he was reintroduced by his brother-in-law, Wesley Pegden who often called him a pillock , shortly before the wedding of Wesley's daughter. Sid was one of the few characters who actually seemed to enjoy getting involved in the misadventures of the three central characters, and often saw them as an excuse to get out of the cafe for a few hours. After the show was cancelled, Thomas returned to the stage, primarily performing in traditional Christmas pantomimes. After his death, Sallis said he wanted to be buried next to his old friend and after passing away in June last year, he was granted his wish. In his first episode he is shown to be a friend of Sid's which was the latter's last appearance on the show before his death. A sly and grasping bric-a-brac shop owner.

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His career was interrupted by military service with the Royal Army Ordinance Corps and was injured in an explosion during battle training course. Languages Add links. However Crusher did not return in the tenth series, as Jonathan Linsley left the show to work on other TV projects [ citation needed ] : most of the character's humour came from the contrast between his menacing size and his total harmlessness. After the death of Compo, Nora feels somewhat maternal towards Tom, and often showers him with affection—much to the embarrassment of Tom. Hobbo is incredibly cautious, and always on the lookout for enemy attack. There he inadvertently proposed to her in a verbal slip-up over the wedding rings of which he had taken charge "for safe keeping" out of the dubious care of Best Man, Barry.

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The trio would often cross paths with Smiler and use him for whatever scheme or activity they were doing largely because of his tall height and gormless nature. It is revealed her husband, Compo's brother, left her with Julie and Gordon a few years back. Bell director 2 January She doesn't like working at the Holmfirth library, because of the four-letter words. He was awarded the MBE in

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