who played daisy in keeping up appearances

who played daisy in keeping up appearances

Daisy is a fictional character in the British situation comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, portrayed by actress Judy Cornwell. Daisy is the lower-class sister of social-climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket, who lives with her apathetic slob husband, Onslow, promiscuous sister Rose, and her senile father. Daisy. Daisy (played by Judy Cornwell) is the second-born of the Walton sisters. A happy, lively character, Daisy lives with her slobbish husband Onslow, her man-crazy sister Rose and their senile father. Her married surname is never given. Daisy, Onslow and Rose are the lower-class relatives Hyacinth is ashamed of. Judy Cornwell took on the role of Daisy, Hyacinth’s sister in Keeping Up Appearances. Cornwell starred in EastEnders from to She was also spotted on Doctors, making four guest appearances between and In Cornwell starred in the TV series Birds of a Feather. Jul 30,  · Judy Cornwell, who played his wife Daisy in 'Keeping Up Appearances' added although the death was a shock, it was not a "surprise". A young Judy Cornwell (Daisy from "Keeping Up Appearances" UK sitcom). British Tv Comedies British Actresses British Comedy British Actors Actors & Actresses English Comedy Are You Being Served Great Comedies British Humor.

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The big dog then terrorized the pet Yorkshire Terrier of Hyacinth's honored guest. A sign outside their house reads "The Paddocks", but it is not revealed if this refers to their surname or is the name of their property. He is impertinent, high-strung, and completely overwhelmed by Hyacinth Bucket, of whom he lives in fear. Boris and Mr. However, Richard describes her as a gentle soul who is just a bit 'mixed up'.

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When he's discussing Hyacinth with his wife, they refer to her as "the Bucket woman". After his early retirement, Hyacinth attempts to get Richard back into the workforce in a "senior executive position" in several jobs, but the attempts never succeed. The other running gag is that Richard suspects Sheridan is gay, something which is implied through his love of needlework , his lilac -colored car, his desire for pure silk pyjamas , his male friend, Tarquin with whom Sheridan makes his own curtains , and his stated disinterest in girls. Cooper-Basset was played by Derek Waring , Mrs. Hyacinth hypocritically believes Mrs Barker-Finch to be a snob "She was a Barker, he was a Finch, now suddenly they're hyphenated" and is determined to get one up on her at every opportunity. The Major lives in a large house called The Laurels , which is just around the corner from Hyacinth and Richard's bungalow.

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Hyacinth schemed with Onslow to get Richard the job, roping a reluctant Richard into it. He saddled her with the two most difficult seniors to deal with, telling his wife he'd 'make up for it on Sunday'. However, unlike the postman, the milkman never loses his cool with Hyacinth and is not afraid of her, merely annoyed by her. She has a penchant for stealing Onslow's cigarettes , and for going into long tirades about men and their unfaithfulness. She also tries to rescue the Vicar and Emmett from Rose when she can. Agatha Dalrymple. Richard also seems to be fond of the dog; however, he becomes unhappy with her when, in "A Picnic for Daddy", she takes a liking to Richard's suit and snuggles with him, pinning him to the couch against his wishes. Onslow is proudly "workshy, bone idle and out of condition", and rarely gets up before lunch or dinner time.

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