who played george kirk in star trek

who played george kirk in star trek

Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk in Star Trek | January 18, | By: versant.us Staff 54 comments so far Chris Hemsorth is a huge star now, but a . George Samuel "Sam" Kirk, Jr., the eldest son of Winona and George Samuel Kirk, Sr., and brother of James T. Kirk, was born on 12 August Unlike James, he was a scientist, a research biologist, and mainly worked and lived on the planet Deneva with his wife Aurelan and three sons Peter, Alexander, . Back in , Chris Hemsworth was just a little-known Australian TV actor when he appeared as George Kirk in J.J. Abrams’ reinvention of Star Trek. Now of course – thanks to becoming Thor in a series of Marvel movies – he’s one of the biggest stars on the planet. And he’s also due to return as George Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek 4.

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May 30, pm. It would pay off a lot of things running through the last films. He managed to leap from the Enterprise at the last minute. This film starred Timothy Olyphant , who was considered for a role in 's Star Trek. Yes Quinto is a weak Spock. Contents [ show ]. Cut to the Enterprise back in action after Beyond.

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Kirk lists George's birthday as December 13, Then J. The crazy thing is they may not be in it either. Directed by Kenneth Branagh , filming on Thor ended on 6 May , and the film was released by Paramount Pictures exactly one year later. Jennifer Morrison, who played Winona Kirk in the Star Trek film, recently made headlines when she speculated that George Kirk may not have died after all.

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Kirk's brother, please see George Samuel Kirk. And I just think Pine in general has turned into a great actor. They have also often been used to bring back the Mirror versions of dead characters. For those of you who rant and rave that bringing Shatner back would be a gimmick or would distract which is absurd how do you explain this? He was saved by a wonderful woman that called herself The Doctor.

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