who played norman bates in bates motel

who played norman bates in bates motel

Mar 10,  · Anthony Perkins played Norman Bates in the original Hitchcock version of Psycho. He reprised in the role in sequels Psycho II, Psycho III and prequel Psycho IV: The Beginning. In the scene by scene remake of the film, Bates was played by Vince Vaughn. Freddie Highmore played Bates in the TV series Bates' Motel which ran from Author: Kathy Giddins. Norman Bates is the protagonist villain of Bates Motel, a TV series based on Robert Bloch's Psycho, and its film adaptation by the late Alfred Hitchcock. He turned into the main antagonist from Season 4 onwards after he went insane and killed his mother, Norma. Norma Louise Bates (née Calhoun) was the resilient, beautiful and mercurial mother of Norman Bates and Dylan Massett. She was emotionally complex and, as a single mother, utterly devoted to her son. Norma constantly juggled her own needs and some serious baggage while also trying to create a new. Norman Bates is a fictional character created by American author Robert Bloch as the main antagonist in his thriller novel versant.us was portrayed by Anthony Perkins in the version of Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock and the Psycho versant.us was also portrayed by Vince Vaughn in the version of Psycho, and by Freddie Highmore in the television series Bates Motel (–).Created by: Robert Bloch.

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Despite wide-ranging assumptions, the character was not inspired by Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein. His teacher, Miss Watson , picked him up and offered to bring him back to her place where she would clean him up. As he worked on a dead bird down in the basement and admonished Juno, the bird suddenly started flapping its wings and he crushed it, before putting his head down beside it. He told her that Nick is in the drug business, and later that one of the council's members, who she specifically disliked, was dead. Los Angeles Times. James Finngan called to the house asking to meet Norman, so Norma brought him down to the basement and introduced them.

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Norman and Julian broke into Pineview's office where Norman called Dylan. Dark Paradise. Turning on them all, Deputy Shelby tried to erase all witnesses to his actions, but Dylan shot him in the eye with a handgun. When Norma returned, she told them that they were going to see Caleb. When Norman awoke in bed, he noticed strange markings on his shoulder as he got dressed and in the living room found a box of matches from the "White Horse Bar". However, his date took a bad turn when he saw "Mother" slashing Madeleine's throat and he bolted from the house.

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While all of this was happening, Norma called Romero, who again tried to persuade her that Norman being home wasn't the best thing for either of them. In this continuity, Norman suffers from hallucinations and blackouts, and begins manifesting his "Mother" personality while Norma is alive. Still concerned about Chick's threats, Norma attempted to get in contact with Caleb but found that his number had been disconnected. Dylan later brought co-workers to stay at the motel, and Norma decided to take him to dinner to thank him. I'm still alive". Nevertheless, Norman grabbed a meat tenderizer and swung it at Dylan, who evaded it and gave Norman a black eye. Meanwhile, Dr. When Dr. Dylan told her to stay away from Nick.

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